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    Is 100% NVE compatibility possible?

    जनवरी 26, 2024
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    Is it possible to raise the default FPS and tickets without any loss in terms of graphics and possible graphical artifacts?

    For example:

    1. Default FPS without script = 55 FPS.
    2. Together with your .lua script for day and night = 75 FPS but possible graphic artifacts in the distance of the screen.

    3. Your script increasing FPS and tickets but to the point where it does not cause any artifacts and graphical degradation = 60 / 65 FPS?

    I am interested in whether it is possible to get at least a little more FPS without any loss of graphical details and any errors in the distance.

    Such a version would interest me the most both for night and day, where all artifacts and graphical errors are noticed in shadows and object rendering, etc.

    जून 10, 2023
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    My question. why is it in .lua instead of .dll or .asi?

    जून 09, 2023
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    Hello, how is the compatibility of your All MP Vehicles in SP.dll when using custom popgroups.ymt files from NVE or from F7YO or Skysder' or Sparky66 or from Cass and his World Of Variety?

    What is the traffic like then?

    Does popgroups.ymt control the traffic and what vehicles are to be used by the game then or All MP Vehicles in SP.dll ignores the values from popgroups.ymt and sets its own settings permanently that determine what vehicles appear in traffic and in parking lots parked?

    Btw. When using your .dll file, do you need to use some other trainer, etc., so that MP vehicles do not disappear in the game or your file itself. dll does it by itself and automatically without the help of other trainers etc?

    जून 04, 2023
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    Is it possible that in the next update or in the future there will be compatibility with NVE and its light settings and its textures?

    अप्रैल 24, 2023
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    मार्च 11, 2023
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    *Add instead of just purple etc is gradients of purple from lighter to darker with a nice transition

    फरवरी 07, 2023
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    e.g. here.

    Add purples instead of just purple gradients from lighter to darker with a nice transition.

    In addition, replace the white center with a white-gray gradient or white-gray-black.

    Solid white alone in colored icons does not look good.

    It's different when the whole icon is black and white in a solid color. Then it looks nice.

    example of a nice icon:


    example of an ugly icon:


    A solid blue without a gradient with a dull white center doesn't look good.

    फरवरी 07, 2023
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    What about colored blips_texturesheet_ng_3 ?

    And could you do the whole / everything @Polopai style

    The thing is that all his colored icons have a slight color gradient instead of a single solid coloring which makes them look better.

    In addition, each icon should have a fairly thick and black border of the icon so that it is clearly visible on the map when zooming in and out.

    If you can do that, that'd be great.

    फरवरी 07, 2023
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    Hello. I know I am posting in the comments section for your Extended Camera Settings script but I have a question about your No Flying Music & No Wanted Music.

    I'm writing here because I expect that this section of comments you visit most often because it's your most popular script for GTA V and this is where most of its updates take place.

    If there is a chance for an answer from you about No Flying Music & No Wanted Music, can you contact me via Discord in a private message by writing to me?

    My Discord login is RemixPL1994#2951

    Write to me if possible. Thank you in advance for your answer.

    If you don't have Discord and can't write to me there, reply here and tag me. Maybe you can suggest a different form of contacting yourself here, so that it is also safe for public disclosure, and if there is no such place, e.g. e-mail, etc., then please write or post my question here or somewhere on github.

    If you are wondering why Discord would be best for me then the answer is = it would be the most convenient and fastest place for me. Don't worry, I don't want to talk on video and I don't want to talk on the microphone. I wrote this because some people often think that discord is for audio-video calls and then they don't want to do it.

    जनवरी 09, 2023