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All MP Vehicles in SP 2.0.8



The mod adds all the vehicles from GTA Online to GTA 5. The new cars can be found in parking lots throughout Los Santos and Blaine County, as well as on the road in general traffic.

  • All content from GTA Online is added, including air and water vehicles, with the exception of vehicles from previous updates that are available in Single Player (SP).
  • Over 100 new vehicle spawn points.
  • You may come across a DLC car in traffic. Each class of car can only be found on certain roads and sections of road.
  • Parking lot vehicle spawns are constantly changing.
  • All military vehicles from GTA Online (including both versions of the Oppressor) will be added to the military base at Fort Zancudo.
  • Specific spawn points are chosen for different types of specialized vehicles to justify their presence in the game's lore.

Join my Discord server: https://discord.gg/vvxmKP5y5J

Add-On vehicles in traffic and parking lots

Since version 2.0.5 you can add Add-On vehicles to traffic and parking lots.

Open the NewVehiclesList.txt file and add a new line: SpawnModelName,class

For example: gstghell1,muscle

It is mandatory to capitalize the vehicle class as shown in the following example: boats, commercial, compacts, coupes, cycles, emergency, helicopters, industrial, karting, military, motorcycles, muscle, openwheel, offroad, planes, sedans, service, sports, sportsclassics, super, suvs, vans.

If the author did not specify which class the add-on vehicle belongs to, choose the class that seems most appropriate to you. This setting does not affect the performance of the car. It is necessary for correct spawning of cars in the following locations.

Adding cars to the blacklist

Starting with version 2.0.0 you can add cars to the blacklist. In this case they will not appear in parking lots and traffic. You will still be able to get these cars with a trainer or other mods. Open the text file mp blacklist.txt and add the names of the DLC cars you do not want to see in traffic or parking to the column.


1. Download ScriptHookV
2. Download ScriptHookVDotNet
3. Move the scripts folder into your main GTAV folder (press Replace the files in the destination if Windows asks you to).

Script Settings

Open the AllMpVehiclesInSp.ini file to modify the script settings.

0 - disable
1 - enable

  • doors - open or close doors. If the car door is closed, the player will break the car window.
  • blips - enable or disable car blips on the map.
  • tuning - if enabled, cars will receive random tuning items.
  • spawn traffic - enable or disable spawning of cars in traffic.
  • traffic cars blips - enable or disable blips of cars in traffic.
  • new license plates - activate unique license plates from Chop Shop Update
  • blip color - set the color of car tags in parking lots (values from 0 to 85)
  • blip color traffic - set the color of car labels in traffic (values from 0 to 85)
  • time traffic gen - the time in milliseconds between cars being spawn in traffic (minimum value is 3000, default is 8000)


  • Spawning of the police cars has been removed for revision

  • 17 new vehicles added from the Bottom Dollar Bounties update
  • Police vehicles now unload when you move away from them
  • Other minor changes and bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where DLC cars would appear on top of other cars
  • Drivers now match the DLC car model
  • Added GTA Online police cars to the traffic. The spawn traffic value must be set to 1.

  • Added support for Add-On vehicles
  • MP and Add-On vehicles no longer spawn in traffic during missions. This was causing problems with some of the missions
  • Fixed a memory leak that caused traffic to be lost during a long game session.
  • Fixed cars spawning in locations not intended for traffic
  • Fixed empty driverless cars appearing on roads
  • DLC cars now appear all over the map, not just near parking lots.
  • You can now adjust the frequency of cars appearing in traffic in milliseconds (minimum value is 3000, default is 8000)
  • You can now change the color of the car marker in traffic.

  • Fixed bug with invisible drivers

    Fixed a bug where car doors wouldn't close when the doors flag was set.
  • Fixed a bug where cars would appear without tuning parts when the tuning flag was set.
  • Fixed a bug where cars would appear in traffic when the spawn traffic flag was off.
  • Fixed a bug where a player could crash into an invisible car on the road.
  • Added the blip color parameter to change the color of the cars that appear.

  • New algorithm for spawning cars in traffic

  • Fixed a bug that caused blips to appear on the map even when they were disabled in the INI file.

  • Fixed all wrong angles of vehicles in parking lots
  • Fixed a bug with spawning military vehicles in Fort Zancudo. Now such vehicles are marked on the map even if blips is set to 1 in the INI file.
  • Added mp blacklist.txt file, where you can enter models of vehicles that should not appear in parking lots.
  • Improved stability when working with old versions of the game. Now the script works even if some DLC cars are missing in the game.
  • Added unique license plates to some cars in the Chop Shop update.

    In version 2.0.0 DLC cars in traffic were temporarily disabled. This is due to an imperfection in the algorithm used in the mod. I am already working on improving the algorithm for spawning cars in traffic, and this feature will definitely be back in the new version.

  • Added a festive Hauler truck from the Chop Shop update

  • Added new off-road vehicle: Terminus
  • Added new muscle cars: Vigero ZX Convertible, Dominator GT, Impaler LX
  • Added new SUVs vehicles: Vivanite, Aleutian, Cavalcade XL, Baller ST-D
  • Added new Police vehicles: Gauntlet Interceptor and Stanier LE Cruiser
  • Added new Sedans vehicles: Asterope GZ, Impaler SZ
  • Added new Benson (Cluckin' Bell Truck)
  • Added new Tow Truck

  • When reloading SHDN (default is INSERT), cars are no longer duplicated.
  • Fixed a bug where some blips were not removed from cars in traffic.
  • Blips are now disabled by default for cars in traffic.

  • DLC cars are now found in general traffic.

  • Cars now receive random tuning parts when spawned, including paint and chameleon colors, available on PS5 and Xbox Series only. Set the tuning flag to 0 to spawn only stock cars.

  • Added new military-based vehicles: Streamer216, F-160 Raiju, Weaponized Conada
  • Added new off-road vehicles: Walton L35, Ratel, MonstroCiti
  • Added new muscle cars: Clique Wagon and Buffalo EVX
  • Added Brigham muscle car in "Ghostbusters" livery
  • Added new sport cars: Itali GTO Stinger TT, La Coureuse, Hotring Hellfire
  • Added new cycles: Inductor and Junk Energy Inductor

  • Fixed script crash when blips are disabled

  • Removed debug script from the final build

  • Upgrading to SHVDN3
  • Added configuration file with settings
  • Radar blips can now be disabled (set blips to 0 in AllMpVehiclesInSp.ini)
  • All cars now have closed doors (the player will break the glass to open the car). Also, all cars are now equipped with alarms

  • Initial release

Source code: https://github.com/sruckstar/gta5-all-mp-vehicles-in-sp
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