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Bomber Stalker 1.1

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Spawns a random pedestrian armed with a bomb away from the player -- and casually walks towards them. When pedestrian is nearby player, they detonate the bomb.

Aiming at suspected bomber will result in them sprinting towards you. If you succeed in killing them, their bomb detonates. Don't let them get too close!

If bomber is too far away from player, they automatically despawn. Bombers respawn slowly by default, feel free to tweak respawn time.

Bomber does not have a blip by default, but is easily re enabled in script. Ctrl-F AddBlip and uncomment the line.

Known issues:

Switching character models causes bomber to stop spawning. pressing reload scripts key will get bomber to spawn again. - Fixed in version 1.1

Bomber will sometimes spawn inside a building. They will get themselves unstuck eventually, or just stay inside. Once player leaves area, they despawn.


Place bomberStalker.cs inside Scripts folder.

This script is based heavily on Terminator Hunter Lite script by Aphex1234 from mid 2017:
Aphex1234 isn't active anymore, but has posted this on his mod:

"Source is included, you may use any part,or all of my script for your own scripts/mods, and are free to use it in videos or other media.
Please credit me if you upload this script to another site."

He did most of the work for this script.
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