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    Reminds me of the original PS360 lens flare.

    अप्रैल 22, 2021
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    @Bravercoolio Does this still work with the current version of the game?

    जनवरी 02, 2021
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    @Stryfaar ReShade wasn't working. Had to rename ReShade64.dll to dxgi.dll and change RESHADE_DEPTH_INPUT_IS_REVERSED=1 to 0 in dxgi.ini

    दिसंबर 31, 2020
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    How similar is this to the GTAO business stuff? Is it just roughly based on it, or is this a close recreation of how it is in GTAO?

    सितंबर 10, 2020
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    @Stryfaar So excited. Can’t wait to play V again. Couldn’t wait for this update. With the god rays fixed and atmospheric fog, this is truly an extension/improval over vanilla like VisualV but in line with Rockstar’s design and atmosphere!

    अगस्त 07, 2020
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    @Stryfaar I always loved VisualV, but like many graphics mods, it falls into the trap of “realistic looks good, so pitch black nights,” which goes against Rockstar’s cinematic aesthetic of white/blue visible nights. But from the sounds of it, are those sort of nights—like seen in vanilla, MP3, and RDR1/2–still in this?

    जुलाई 17, 2020
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    This in the older GTA titles, and IV to an extend, is seriously underrated. There are no consequences to dying or getting busted in GTA V. Glad to see something like this restored!

    मई 17, 2020
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    @Bass Dragon "RDR2 headshots,is when a ped flails their arms and legs around
    v2.0.1 headshots,is when a ped ragdolls to the ground"

    But there's no separate files for v2.0.1 headshots or RDR2 headshots? In both the .OIV and manual install files there are only the files provided.

    Also, am I right to assume that the weapons.dat is still being worked on/untouched? Only reason I ask is because I use a custom weapons.dat that is a combination of multiple mods that affect it, so if and when this begins touching the weapons.dat I'll need to copy over the changes. But I've noticed the last few versions that the weapons.dat provided doesn't really have any differences from the vanilla one.

    मार्च 17, 2020
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    @Alex106 There's these two palm trees at Vespucci Beach that don't seem to fully load for some reason.

    मार्च 08, 2020
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    As someone who has never played GTAO, how close is this to the GTAO version of the heist?

    मार्च 06, 2020