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    @ShadowMaster5000 Make sure "Edit Mode" is enabled (it's at the top, in the middle, between the path bar and the search bar) and then either drag and drop the file back or right click, select "Add" and then import the file from the window.

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    @ShadowMaster5000 What do you mean by stuck on reimport? Does it give an error?

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    1) Copy the update.rpf in the "mods\update" folder (create these two if you don't have them).
    2) With CodeWalker or OpenIV, navigate to "mods\update\update.rpf\common\data" and open the "dlclist.xml" and add the two dlc list lines (i'm not copying them here because the items tag will "break" and save (or export to the desktop, edit it with notepad and reimport).
    3) Move the two dlc packs (spmappatches and mpmappatches) in "mods\update\x64\dlcpacks" (same story as above, create a folder named "dlcpacks" if you don't have it).
    If you're new to modding, I suggest to read this guide to better understard all this stuff https://forums.gta5-mods.com/topic/14693/quick-start-guide-to-modding-grand-theft-auto-v/2

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    @iammistahwolf As for mpSecurity Fix, it fixes the "broken" couch and table inside the Franklin's house and prevents the LODs of Vinewood Hills from not loading/loading properly when switching back from the MP to the SP map.
    @F7YO You mean loading scripted ymaps/interior entity sets from before or after specific story missions? Then no, but simply because they do not fit within the purpose of the mod.

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    @F7YO Maybe Simple Trainer doesn't have code related to loading/unloading them while the other two scripts do?
    @iammistahwolf At which locations does this happen? Also, do you have any other map mod (replace, not add-on) installed?

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    @kick12134 Use this file https://ufile.io/61rzt8tw

    मई 10, 2022
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    @Happy_havoc Press the "Insert" button after the game has started. Also, make sure the MP map is loaded at startup and not later.

    मई 09, 2022
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    @elsanhoty Only those two dlcpacks got updated.

    मई 07, 2022
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    1) Yeah, those files need to be installed manually and no, not in the "spinteriors" dlc pack. Note that they are necessary only if have the MP map enabled, otherwise you can skip this part.
    2) The script is required in order to be able to enter the FIB office and the garage.
    3) Yes.

    मई 04, 2022