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    टिकी टिप्पणी

    Can everyone willing to test the newest script version, and newest file batches please join the Discord, we've accomplished a lot of work in the last few weeks (longer really but it's accelerated) and we'd like as many people giving feedback as possible, when you join please say hello, loiterers will be kicked.


    जून 22, 2020
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    @Vesra The OIV will be up tomorrow, a lot of people are installing improperly, so the OIV Package will help a lot, it'll be up around 2-3PM tomorrow, it's about 7PM here right now.

    जून 17, 2020
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    @mjames867 That is a good idea, and also a very easy mod to make, with a lot of cool things I can add, I'll start on it tomorrow, I'm releasing sections and new features as standalone mods, so I'll do that
    The bullet penetration and police suppression system
    The material surface friction, drag, elasticity, depth and more of all surfaces, making peds, vehicles and objects act realistically
    and others too, I'll list them and make a poll so people can vote on which to do first, but I'll start lockdown one tomorrow.

    जून 17, 2020
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    Great work @Alweul
    I really hope developers put this to great use.

    जून 16, 2020
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    @Sonicfx07 Only some of it is compatible, you would have to go through a lot of files and check which edits you prefer, I can do a compatibility patch for that based on the most enjoyed features from each mod though.

    जून 16, 2020
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    Please name any popular mods you would like compatibility patches for, the most used mods will get them first.

    Please check out the TY channel, Facebook, and Patreon if you are able to support development, and enjoy the new and upcoming features

    Overhauled Police AI, Reactions, Hostility
    Overhauled Physics, for everything from ground surfaces, to body movement, to object mass and buoyancy.
    New Foliage and procedural object density, placement and variety
    Ballistics changes and a bleed out system based on health, this creates weaker peds and players as they lose blood.
    Police Suppression and Ability to kill you using environmental objects.
    Peds fly out of car windshields, traffic is more natural and light times, lane changes, car speeds, and ability to turn right at red lights has been tuned fully.
    Much more including new animal attacks, better camera angles for different actions, new player switching establishing shots (where your character is when you switch to them) and UI changes among many other new features.

    जून 16, 2020
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    @Gentle_Storm It is 0.91, idk why it says 0.9
    @SLY95ZER It's actually 0.91, idk why it just says 0.9, but I didn't want to put 1.0 because there are several large updates coming within days of each other, the mod is now back in full development, and will be updated very regularly moving forward.
    @Wolfx101 Coming Today!
    @Keke I'll check the files and create compatibility patches for any popular incompatible mod, I will be putting those up every day or two.
    @Sonicfx07 Yes it is
    @blinkt OIV Package coming today

    जून 16, 2020
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    This mod has been outdated for a while, but I updated it this morning, and added some new features as well, to install

    1. Download this mod, and Ragehook
    2. Download and install OpenIV
    3. Using OpenIV, install the loaders for ASI files and to enable the "mods" folder
    4. Copy the contents of the Realism "mods" folder into the corresponding folders in the "mods" folder in your game folder
    5. Install Ragehook by following the instructions in the Ragehook Readme.
    6. Copy the contents of the "Plugins" folder to the one created by Ragehook in your game's folder
    7. Copy NativeUI.dll and newtonsoftjson.dll to the main game folder
    8. Copy the dlcpacks folder named "Realism" to the DLCPacks folder so it looks like update/dlcpacks/realism/realism.rpf
    9. In common/data/dlclist.xml, open the file to edit, copy the last DLC, line, paste it, and replace the dlc name with "Realism"

    If you need any help please PM me on my Facebook page

    जून 14, 2020
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    @NaijaMango Thanks for pointing that out NaijaMango, I'll put a parachute control fix in the nrext files which I'll be putting up tomorrow (with an installer) and you just reminded me I forgot to mention in the description that those controls are changed now, I'm not sure what you mean by "What is with the movement system folder" though, please elaborate.

    @pixzelbeast Thanks for the feedback, I'll adjust the values to make vaulting easier for the release tomorrow.

    @Sabertooth Do you have any scripts installed that change the way a character controls?

    जून 30, 2018
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    @NaijaMango That's combattasks.ymt, the line is
    <UseSprintButtonForCoverToCover value="true" />
    Just turn it to false and it will go back to normal
    @back1ply Thanks
    @GTA_5_Maniac Thank You, enjoy

    जून 29, 2018