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    @kingfire Hiya,wanna ask if you'd be interested in converting some more high quality wwii tank models?
    I've got access to models from world of tanks and warthunder,pls contact me if you want anything

    And may I ask for a Katyusha rocket launcher truck?

    6 hours ago
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    @ryanm2711 just saying,the primary download file is set to the old version,maybe you wanna change it to the new version?

    7 hours ago
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    @zilch ah,one more lil issue,is it possible to disable the controls in weaponwheel when in a vehicle? its a tad annoying when im conrtrolling a plane...

    22 hours ago
  • 207f45 62721582 p0 master1200

    @zilch aite :3 thx a lot

    22 hours ago
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    @zilch I tend to seperate my comments a lot thus why i hated to talk about things in the comment sections......
    em further more on the dogfight script
    so the basic concept is type needed plane model name in an ini or something,reload the script,start script ingame and the selected model would spawn in the sky flying around like how this script handles the flights
    then if possible,maybe include the other functions below please?
    ·ini includes togglekey,how many planes to spawn(for performance issues),what models to spawn(maybe multiple ones)
    ·some planes treats player as enemy while some treats as teammates,depends on what model they are spawned as (for example spawning F6F(US fighter) for teammates and A6M5(japanese fighter) for enemies)
    ·smoke columns spawns randomly on the map that can be toggled with a key press
    (something looks like this to give an war feeling
    ·random explosions in the air to replicate AA flak guns' effect which looks like this:
    I think the explosion from the valkyrie's nose cannon makes the best effect for this

    23 hours ago
  • 207f45 62721582 p0 master1200

    @zilch um and then about this script here :3 is it possible to turn off the controller support? would be appreciated a lot

    23 hours ago
  • 207f45 62721582 p0 master1200

    @zilch well as you can see im quite a Aerial warfare fan from my page....
    what i always needed was a script to spawn selected aircrafts in the sky that treats the player as enemys and regenerates after being shot down
    I used "Air Superiority" by camxxcore before but sadly that only spawns lazer,besra and hydras,with no support on addon aircrafts
    so the basic things needed: selected planes spawned in the air and regenerates after being shot down

    23 hours ago
  • 207f45 62721582 p0 master1200

    @zilch Hiya,love how the script handles flights,um do you have discord or sth that i can contact you? wanna ask if you could do a dogfight scipt utilizing this flight system

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  • 207f45 62721582 p0 master1200

    @L00 Nice kit to have for ingame photography,gonna keep it for a while :3
    would be cool to have some presets for noobs like me though,so people can stop whining about not having the game look like yours
    some of those people def didnt read the infos on the welcome screen and shouting for help on how to turn that off. IT'S WRITTEN ON THE WELCOME SCREEN!
    but I do get a 20 fps loss like someone else claimed up there,is this a normal issue? I can take it since it's for photography anyways

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    @tall70 "Die Wissenschaft von Nazi ist die beste in der Welt Wryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!"
    yeah japanese steel was way worse than the german one at that time
    at the same thickness japanese ones (VH Steel) were a tad worse than the Class A Steel in US
    while german ones' strength was about 25% higher than the Class A
    However the armour scheme of the yamato class's helped her being the best protected battleship during the era,even better than bismarck class's turtle back armour
    But guess nothing lives under the Allies' bombers lel

    अक्टूबर 05, 2018