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Working CCTV Cameras 1.1

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This mod adds working CCTV cameras, when you get close to one of them, the blip will turn red and if you do anything suspicious you will get a wanted star.

Security Cameras/CCTV are marked with a white CCTV icon, when you enter its range, it will turn red, if you do something suspicious in this state, the camera will be alerted and will flash and will give you a wanted star.

Current Suspicious Actions:
Player in combat
Player firing weapon
Performing Stealth kill
In melee combat
Trying to enter a locked vehicle
Being in a police vehicle

Update 1.1:
Tweaked the code a bit
Added new config value: CameraRange
It determines the range where the script will check for camera props, default is 1000f
also added MinWantedLevel, you can now change the wanted level that will be given to you if you are spotted. Default is 1 star
Added the source code into the main mod, you dont have to go to github anymore, but can do so anyway

drop the contents of the scripts folder into your main scripts folder inside your GTA V Directory

Make sure you have Scripthook V installed

If you encounter any bugs, crashes or just have a suggestion, post it in the comments!
I did encounter crashes myself, but i don't know if it's from this mod or just other scripts and or .meta tweaks

This mod is open-sourced, you can take a look at its code or edit it and maybe make your own version idk
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