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Carjack Plus 2.0


Carjack Plus adds a bit of variety to stealing cars driven by pedestrians. This mod blends well with vanilla game play and modded experiences with performance in mind. Controllers should be compatible with this mod though it has not been tested.

V2.0 Changelog:
- Added fix for larger vehicle animation issue. Targeted drivers will flea by sliding over a seat. They have a chance of fighting or running after exiting the vehicle
- Fixes for some extra vehicles used in missions
- Performance improvements. All actions are now tasked out sequences, so the detection of the player jacking a vehicle is almost instantaneous.
- Added in Wanted Level settings. You can set the max wanted level you would like the player to receive for jacking a vehicle. It will slowly progress over time until the max set wanted stars is reached. Time settings can also be adjusted.
- The car is no longer considered stolen/wanted if you exit it before police are called or if you evade the police.

This mod introduces the following features:

- Vehicles the player attempts to enter will be locked (based on chanceofLock)
- Player will forcefully jack and enter cars
- Drivers have a chance to fight the player with a variety of close combat weapons (based on pedChanceOfFight)


- Core pedestrian logic and response to events can override the gun carjacking. Meaning peds will ignore carjacking attempts and will only resort to fleeing & speeding forward if they enter a zone where you have caused peds to panic (e.g aiming weapon, shooting, fighting)

- Default key "L" will enable and disable the mod (this can be changed in ini settings file)


Included are current versions of SHV, SHVDN, SHVDN2, & SHVDN3 and the script

1. Download and open archive
2. Copy all files and 'scripts' folder inside of 'Grand Theft Auto V' folder to your GTAV root directory
optional: copy only the scripts folder to your GTAV root directory so that current ScriptHook versions are not overwritten
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