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#1 Simple download to Remove roaches and moths from Trevor's trailer 1.1

3d13c8 before and after removing moths in the closet
3d13c8 before and after no cockroaches on floor


This mod will remove those pesky moths and roaches from Trevor's trailer. I hope you enjoy it and the directions for installing are in the read me and below.

You will need OpenIV to install this mod. Place the v_int_26.ytyp file into your mods folder located in the following location. Using OpenIV navigate to GTAV/mods/x64h.rpf/levels/gta5/interiors/v_int_26.rpf and replace v_int_26.ytyp. If you do not have a mods folder create one. Do not use this mod online or you will be banned. That is all now go play your game and enjoy your moth and roach free trailer.

I did create the moth and roach free trailer mod although I could not have done it without using the programs created by the following.

OpenIV Team for creating OpenIV
Neodymium for creating Meta Toolkit
Don Ho for creating Notepad ++
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