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One Gear Handling for Koenigsegg Regera 0.5



WE ARE NOW AT 0.5 MASLANY3 BETA (just don't ask why I name such)

Ladies and other Spartans this is the One Gear Handling mod for EvertW's
Koenigsegg Regera.

The plug-in hybrid Koenigsegg Regera is for those who want the usual luxurious
experience of an 1M pound executive coupe (e.g. SL65, Continental GT, any Aston Martin)
while still at the striking distance of the Chiron or any track-only race car.
While your Ageras and CCXes are for those who want thrills, the Regera is the perfect
one that will make rich and/or promiscuous women wanna have "nights" with you (which is
something I do not want, M3 GTR has me covered anyways so sorry ladies, and also I prefer
spending my hard earned $$$ on a 1070 GTX anyways if I ever have a job :D)

This handling mod simulates the IRL 1-speed hybrid transmission that the Regera has (think: Voltic).
But unlike the game's Lotus wannabe, It kicks hard like crazy at the 100km mark and from there
acceleration has almost no millisecond gaps like your traditional gearbox most cars have. And also edited
some other values to balance the equilibrium due to the heavily buffed acceleration.

-Get the car first (https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/2016-koenigsegg-regera-add-on-autospoiler).
-BACKUP FIRST BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE. Not my shit if your game breaks and no recovery measures were prepared.
-Open common/data and place the files at mods/x64/dlcpacks/regera/dlc.rpf/common/data and replace with the one in folder
-Open x64/data and place the files at mods/x64/dlcpacks/regera/dlc.rpf/x64/data/lang/americandlc.rpf and replace it's global.gxt2
if you want "Koenigsegg Regera, Super" to 100% popup.
-(Optional) -> Goto mods/x64/dlcpacks/regera/dlc.rpf/x64/levels/vehicles.rpf replace the addon's ytd with the one in texture folder
(this is with liveries in 2K for those with lower-midrange PCs like me).

-No gear shifts to accurately represent the real thing's 1-speed transmission, which means zero interruptions
for so long as you don't crash.
-Some other adjustments to maintain equilibrium.
-Constant acceleration (It doesn't launch fast like normal sports/super cars okay but by 100kph I think it
boosts like nobody's business)
-Also redefined top speed and drag coefficient.

-No instruction for replace users. Zero experience still on them. Hope someone provides one.
-Initial release as beta so suggestions please if you have one or two.
-Handling might not be balanced.

Credits to EvertW for the nice ass ride.
Only made handling configs. Nothing else.
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