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    "Made a new release with your locations, thanks for the help, I keep only 7 locations in the main file, but all your work has been put on an optional secondary file."

    Glad I could help, it's a least I could do.

    मार्च 07, 2023
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    "I also have a plan for bank or grocery store robberies, but I need to think of an immersive method"
    Can't wait!!

    Also (...in the future) will you be interested in making mod that will give/reduce your wanted stars when you enter certain coordinates?

    Example :
    LOCATION1 = xyz // location
    LOCATION1RADIUS = 10 // size of area, so you can have small areas, big etc..)
    LOCATION1WANTED = 3 // how many stars you get. Only if lower than that....
    LOCATION1REDUCES = TRUE/FALSE // ...but if true, your stars will be reduced if higher than this.
    LOCATION1COST = 1000 // if REDUCES=TRUE, you need to pay this amount to get this wanted level.

    There are some ("government") places in the game where I find it strange that you can just enter freely without nobody caring and there is no mod yet where you can add custom wanted locations.
    With this you can even make places where you can "bribe" police for levels to be decreased just by changing settings in .ini

    मार्च 07, 2023
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    This is great. Another simple, immersive, useful and customizable mod.
    I might not use it for it's intended purpose to rob ATMs( I have other hacking minigame mod for that), BUT, there is plenty of other locations like vaults, safe etc. that I can include now thanks to mod's ability of adding custom locations.

    मार्च 04, 2023
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    No problems, with current features this mod has already become essential for me.
    I already use 2 other car selling mods with different "expanded" features and yours adds features that others don't have and works perfectly as 3rd.

    मार्च 04, 2023
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    With latest version it works(for me), even with character swap.

    मार्च 02, 2023
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    For the future when you're done with your ideas will you be interested/bothered in adding something like this, or some parts of it?

    Add option to have different locations to buy different/same vehicles at different prices and working hours, plus chance of police appearing.
    For example "rich shops" will be interested in expensive cars, but will also buy other only for reduced price or will pay extra for certain vehicles.

    Something like this:
    POSITION1 = 1204.48,-3118.86,4.75 //position of a "shop"1 //
    WORKTIME = 8-16 //time when it will buy vehicles//
    RAIDCHANCE = 45 // chance that someone saw the shady deal (45% in this case) and called police, snitched you..//
    STARS = 4 // how many stars you get if police is called to this location//
    POSITION1_PRICE_1 = 100 //list of vehicles you can sell here at set price (at 100% in this case)//
    COMET2 = 100000 //list of vehicles//
    COMET3 = 2100000
    CHEETAH = 650000
    CHEETAH2 = 865000
    POSITION1_PRICE_2 = 20 //list of vehicles you can sell here at set price (at 20% in this case) //
    FUGITIVE = 24000
    FURIA = 2740000
    //if it's not listed you can't sell it here//

    POSITION2 = -460.664, -62.074, 44.513
    WORKTIME = 1-6
    STARS = 2
    POSITION2_PRICE_1 = 100
    FUSILADE = 36000
    FUTO = 9000
    FUTO2 = 1192000
    POSITION2_PRICE_2 = 70

    What can other people do with this:
    -Set locations that works only at certain times but will pay more for same vehicle so you have option to sell for cheap all the time or wait for better one to be opened.
    -Different locations with different price for same vehicle. Will you sell at nearest possible location or go extra miles for extra money.
    -Will you risking a deal at place with high police threat level or go to some remote location.
    -Location which buy cheap bikes can be set to trigger only 1 star, but locations that buy tanks and other military stuff can trigger 5 star response.
    -All locations, prices, vehicle list can be set by users to their liking.

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    मार्च 02, 2023
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    Here are few locations I think you and others might find interesting.

    Interiors with garage door opening animation.
    At least opens for me but I'm also using open interiors, online interiors and some other mods. There may be need to adjust precise coordinates:
    (GAS PUMP HARMONY) x:258.317 y:2590.726 z:44.954 angle:192.031
    (UFO PARTS GUY) x:2330.781 y:2572.001 z:46.681 angle:147.853
    (HUMANE) x:3612.290 y:3736.824 z:28.690 angle:111.239
    (VLAD) x:-1358.670 y:-757.596 z:22.305 angle:133.091
    (CLINTON) x:144.460 y:320.543 z:112.139 angle:125.240
    (BIKER CLUB) x:982.293 y:-135.714 z:73.091 angle:230.997
    (NEAR LESTR) x:1151.429 y:-1646.545 z:36.332 angle:37.539
    (ELYSIUM FIELDS) x:951.617 y:-1698.506 z:30.086 angle:350.461
    (POPULAR STREET ) x:775.423 y:-1866.683 z:29.299 angle:92.210
    (MUFFLERS) x:-441.560 y:-2172.124 z:10.330 angle:103.162
    (MISSION ROW POLICE 1) x:451.482 y:-1000.996 z:25.711 angle:323.994
    (MISSION ROW POLICE 2) x:459.804 y:-1015.069 z:28.094 angle:274.693
    (BUILDING) x:-796.717 y:312.553 z:85.705 angle:357.157
    Three are still few I remember seeing but can't find their locations.

    Back alleys, shady places, yards and similar locations where you might expect illegal activities like that. Again some of them might not work for everyone:
    (PALETO ) x:-10.379 y:6479.785 z:31.450 angle:298.434
    (PALETO CARE ) x:-263.226 y:6337.349 z:32.426 angle:129.120
    (CULTIST) x:-1094.664 y:4947.784 z:218.354 angle:160.825
    (PALETO HOBO SHACK) x:1541.439 y:6335.468 z:24.075 angle:194.375
    (WEED FARM SHACK) x:2195.705 y:5606.610 z:53.543 angle:173.977
    (ONEILL GRAPESEED SHACK) x:1980.264 y:5171.993 z:47.639 angle:309.716
    (GRAPESEED ) x:1904.219 y:4923.188 z:48.855 angle:149.152
    (GRAPESEED ACROSS GAS ) x:1644.699 y:4840.306 z:42.029 angle:197.046
    (ONEILL ) x:2489.476 y:4961.729 z:44.761 angle:306.909
    (GRAPESEED TRUCK DELIVERY ) x:2564.898 y:4640.567 z:34.077 angle:126.153
    (CATFHISH ROOF) x:3803.763 y:4442.306 z:4.069 angle:351.253
    (MAUDE) x:2705.055 y:4134.968 z:43.916 angle:176.760
    (JOSHUA ROAD ) x:2466.705 y:4101.600 z:38.065 angle:343.414
    (GALILE ) x:1343.784 y:4311.199 z:37.986 angle:2.406
    (CALAFIA ) x:711.609 y:4180.271 z:40.709 angle:160.133
    (HOOKIES ) x:-2175.321 y:4273.497 z:49.029 angle:321.243
    (STAB CITY) x:84.905 y:3732.156 z:39.572 angle:70.055
    (TRUCK STOP ) x:348.255 y:3392.751 z:36.403 angle:108.201
    (SANDY ) x:897.093 y:3577.524 z:33.389 angle:341.515
    (DRUG COOK ) x:1396.033 y:3626.845 z:35.012 angle:17.598
    (PISSWASS ) x:1946.009 y:3823.136 z:31.964 angle:48.337
    (247 ) x:1961.695 y:3755.230 z:32.238 angle:200.256
    (AIRPORT HANGAR) x:1731.594 y:3313.742 z:41.224 angle:6.018
    (AIRPORT NEXT TO HNGR) x:1756.024 y:3325.939 z:41.139 angle:262.014
    (GRAPESEED ARPRT HNG) x:2134.934 y:4781.117 z:40.970 angle:204.101
    (GRAPESEED BIKER ) x:1951.139 y:4651.256 z:40.589 angle:282.958
    (GRAPESEED DISC ) x:1706.954 y:4825.075 z:42.020 angle:53.715
    (LIGHTHOUSE ROOF) x:3334.109 y:5161.359 z:18.305 angle:306.612
    (SMOKE TREE ROADD ) x:2170.505 y:3359.104 z:45.481 angle:302.031
    (SMKTR 2) x:2397.484 y:3321.691 z:47.652 angle:218.928
    (AIRPORT JUNK HANGAR) x:2354.154 y:3134.378 z:48.209 angle:250.193
    (AIRPORT JUNK ENTIRE AREA) x:2340.720 y:3052.575 z:48.152 angle:163.884
    (SENORA FWY MALL ) x:2677.911 y:3513.246 z:52.712 angle:276.258
    (SNRFWY GAS ) x:2660.747 y:3278.581 z:55.241 angle:332.802
    (MARLOWE PARKING) x:708.716 y:607.638 z:128.911 angle:316.919
    (VILLA ) x:-2596.849 y:1929.607 z:167.308 angle:18.958
    (CHUMASH) x:-3171.017 y:1098.924 z:20.784 angle:162.113
    (VILLA CASTLE ) x:-1793.863 y:407.060 z:113.403 angle:359.158
    (VINWOOD IN YARD) x:-160.960 y:926.678 z:235.656 angle:142.499
    (LOMBANK GARAGE) x:-1565.433 y:-578.797 z:25.708 angle:70.043
    (ELYSIUM FIELDS, THIS ENTIRE AREA) x:970.576 y:-1538.099 z:30.693 angle:350.002
    (WALKER LOGIST) x:136.513 y:-3197.850 z:5.858 angle:35.400
    (BEHIND HAO) x:-1171.568 y:-2028.023 z:13.207 angle:355.004
    (ENTIRE SCRAP YARD) x:-519.258 y:-1707.941 z:19.265 angle:49.575
    (RANCHO ) x:294.698 y:-1718.453 z:29.246 angle:346.193
    (NEAR VINEWOOD SPRAYSHOP) x:-460.664 y:-62.074 z:44.513 angle:49.727

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    मार्च 02, 2023
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    WOW THANKS, just read changelog, looks so great.
    I'll gather locations of the garages and give you coordinates.. but you will have to test them yourself because I have some mods that open interiors which not everyone has.

    मार्च 02, 2023
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    "because if I add a ped, locations will be difficult to manage with it."

    How about this?
    Location1> xyz coordinates
    Location1dealer> xyz coordinates
    So if somebody wants to add some weird custom location he can adjust ped position too.

    "The price is calculated as this example :
    Let's say a new vehicle cost 5000 dollars.
    The base price is 5000/2, so 2500 dollars."

    Can you add something like:
    Sellprice>2 (as /2 ,and then people can change this number)

    Would give simpler option to individually changing price for 560 vehicles.

    मार्च 01, 2023
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    I'm playing only with MP_female character with characterswap(mod) as Franklin and there is some "bug" with dirty money transfer from inventory to storage and back.
    I can't figure exactly what happens but I can transfer all money to storage and hud (TAB key) should show 0$ but it still gives some number and in Dirtymoney.xml it shows values like:
    <wallet value="-6682" max="20000" />
    <stored id="1" value="58769"
    <wallet value="6726" max="20000" />

    But all the money was transferred and should be in storage.
    It looks like it sees character both as franklin and MP_female and messes up transfers.

    <wallet value="0" max="20000" />
    Does it work? And how it should work? I had more than 20000 on my character and was able to move back and forth and wasn't blocked given warning or anything. I tried changing value to max="10000" (in dirtymoney.xml) just to see how it works but it was reverted back to max="20000"

    As others said can you give option to make all money received as dirty money automatically?.

    फरवरी 28, 2023