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    @MickieFinn thanks for update!

    सितंबर 19, 2023
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    Works perfect. thanx
    Can you please add option to change hotkeys.
    I have "store weapons in trunk" mod which also uses same ContextKey to open trunkdoors (can't be changed and is old mod, author away) so whenever I open trunk my character starts repairing the car.
    Also mods like LSLife, pick weapons, sit on chair(and heal).. use ContextKey for interaction and so I must be careful not to be near car when using that mods features.

    सितंबर 19, 2023
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    It works now even with custom character+character swap.
    Problem is that it disables stealth "status"(as character is crouched but is not in stealth mode).
    Do you think it's even possible to have both stealth and crouched at same time? I'm asking because I've tried other crouch mods over the years and none of them has managed to have both at same time.

    अगस्त 04, 2023
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    I use custom character with character swap mod but nothing happens. Vanilla stealth animation is used.

    अगस्त 03, 2023
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    What happens if my hunger and thirst drop to 0? Do I die, walk slower, stagger?

    जुलाई 01, 2023
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    What do you think about making them more like "rarer event" and adding option/chance if you kill the dealer then car with dealer's friends/gang/partners spawns and drives to see what happened with the dealer and will kill you if they see you there (and make them so they check the spot, not like always-know-your-location so that you still have chance to escape if you're quick/smart enough).
    Right now they are almost like free loot with no consequence for killing them.

    Some options:
    spawnchance=100 << % chance to spawn, 0=disabled
    minspawndistance=50 << minimum car spawn distance
    maxspawndistance=200 << maximum car spawn distance


    मई 25, 2023
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    Gangs features work perfect now but regular peds behavior changed.

    Most of peds when they spot me they will say threating line and march toward me and get into melee fight and if I pull gun some of them will stop attack and run away.
    Also some of them will stop what they were doing, turn away and flee when they see me(like they become scared).
    And very few won't react at all.

    It's not vanilla behavior where they start to "complain" when you get into their face and then they react but at much further distance.
    Looks like they adopted TheBeef behavior.

    Could be some mod conflict? I don't have other mod that changes NPC behavior.

    TIME = 72000000
    MAXTIMEFORAHIT = 12000000

    [VAGOS] [BALLAS] etc. and all other options true.

    1=1 mili secoond
    1000=1 second
    60000=1 minute

    मई 25, 2023
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    If I'm not holding weapon and gang sees me they will march to me and try to fist fight(hands only, no melee weapons) and then if I pull up a gun then they will do it too and start to shoot.
    Is this intended behavior? I kinda like it right now(still in testing play) But would love to have option of making them more dangerous.
    Could you add options:
    Gangs to use ranged weapons always.
    Use melee weapons like bats, knifes when fighting in melee.

    Different forget timers for each gang (gameplay wise).
    For example some gangs have very tight connections to each member and killing one of them is like killing one of their family members and will never forgive you. While others are bunch of drunk idiots who don't even know who their father is (rednecks) and won't remember what happened few hours ago.
    How about adding beef timer to each gang to simulate that?

    Script sometimes crashes when 2 different gang hits happen at same time. Could be (my) problem because they spawn at exact moment(I've enabled timers thru.ini) and my processor is very weak and can't handle it.
    I'll do more playing/testing to be 100% sure.

    Hits (with all messages off) are in kinda perfect balance right now.
    They are not too weak to just ignore them and I can still get out alive.
    Random event that is immersive, game enhancing and interacts with existing gameplay/world (example when I'm under police siege and gang hit comes on and it it escalates into 3way shooutout)

    मई 18, 2023
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    Can you please add option to enable car thief's hotwiring and lockpicking feature separately.
    Quite often when I try to enter cars (parked, npc dead at driver seat, pulling NPC out) ENT crashes and unfortunately I need to restart game to enable it again.
    It only happens when I do something with doors like opening/entering but it works perfectly all the time when I hotwire.
    Thank you.

    मई 14, 2023
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