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    I'm using the mod with latest game version. It works well without any problem.

    मई 15, 2018
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    Thx for unofficial update of EddIm's work.
    I don't know if you're gonna come back to community and start to update this mod (as half a year has passed since your last comment), but here's some bug report and suggestion:

    If I call squad via hotkey, the squad is spawned without any problem,
    but if I try to call squad via UI, it only spawns 1 member, regardless of the number I set.
    As I don't like allocating so many keys for mods, its so annoying for me.
    Also, if I set "Modifier Key" to Shift, as default, it doesn't work, for both left and right shift key. I press Shift + Call_Squad key and nothing happens. When I set the modifier key to Control, it does work.

    And I wish there are some more custom vehicle slots, as there are so many vehicles added in recent updates.

    मई 13, 2018
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    Still working with latest version of game. But stealth mod is not applied when crouching, so it's better to make "override stealth button" option to False and allocate another key for Stance mod.
    Those who say its not working must have done something wrong..

    मई 08, 2018
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    Hi, Thx for great mod.
    Really love this mod, but this mod causes severe frame drop for me.
    More detail :
    - Without this mod : 85fps
    - With this mod, with no saved vehicles : 75fps
    - With this mod, with at least 1 saved vehicle of current character : 60~65fps
    Using "Without DashboardColor & Trim Color" version.
    Tried to test with "With DashboardColor & Trim Color" version, but it even does not work.

    Is this amount of frame drop normal for the mod, or am I doing something wrong?
    Ryzen 1600, GTX1060. RAM 16GB.

    (Sry for bad English, its not my native)

    मई 04, 2018