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    @HKH191 thnx for reply, i saw dark interior and the car falls thru the ground

    अगस्त 05, 2022
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    I placed all files/folders exact, i see the L sign on the map.
    1: When i go inside i see the luxurygarage with the car list -> when i choose a car it falls thru the bottom
    2: VIP car parking doesn't work, i fall thru the map and im back on the ground at the racetrack
    3: Do i need Enable All Interiors ?


    अगस्त 05, 2022
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    I did a clean install of GTA, downloaded pedselector and addonpeds guard, got the latest versions of Nativeui, scripthookv and scripthookv dotnet.

    but nothing works, i really dont know what the problem is, i also followed the youtube tutorial steps

    dont know wtf is wrong


    दिसंबर 22, 2019
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    when i use the ped selector, nothing happens. When i use addonpeds guard it says failed to load/spawn ped.

    I got scripthook, scripthookvdotnet and nativeui.
    But i think i dont have the latest versions of scripthook and scripthookvdotnet

    Could be the problem??????

    दिसंबर 20, 2019
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    Guys i need help, the script works good but when i equip suit franklin turns into michael!!
    i go to settings then i change it to player_one, but nothing happends, i stay franklin.

    somebody help?

    दिसंबर 30, 2018
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    The H button didnt work, i changed nativeui 1.8 to 1.7, it works!
    But when i start a mission it sats get to the start point, where is the start point?? i dont see anything on the map!

    दिसंबर 23, 2018