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    well, I succeeded to die during mission and NSPMMain.xml appeared :D
    @geooo you can toggle phone ring off in this file

    दिसंबर 25, 2021
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    @adopcalipt oh, you have github repo, sweet, but I still can not figure out myself where the settings are
    here is what i found:
    - NSPMMain.Xml is a constant sNSPMSet
    - sNSPMSet is created when WriteXmlSet() is called
    - WriteXmlSet() is called several times throughout the code. This function is often called with WhileButtonDown(keycode)
    - what are the keycodes used in WhileButtonDown() ? For example WhileButtonDown(21) ?
    I tried to google such numerical keycodes, but no luck. What button should I press for xml settings file to create?

    दिसंबर 25, 2021
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    @adopcalipt Thanks for mod, appreciate your work!
    Can you tell where the settings are? Is it in game, what button? Where is NSPMMain.Xml or how to create it?
    I found old backup of scripts folder with nspm 2.7 in it and it contains NSPMset.xml, but im not sure how I triggered this file creation and whether it is suitable for v3 of your mod.
    I do not want to search this info with dnspy, it would be great if you answer :) anyway great mod, thanks!

    दिसंबर 25, 2021
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    @Zemanez Car thief is great however I found a bug or incompatibility with better chases\arrest warrant mod. When you try to enter a car with dead driver inside the trainer crashes with id 34 error. Thanks for your work, anyway, car thief feature is great!

    सितंबर 26, 2021
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    @FelixSG can relate!
    I removed all the mods and started to add one by one. It was quite surprising that it was the safe cracker that caused crash on sniper zoom. Thanks, that you have pointed this out in comments for others to confirm.

    सितंबर 25, 2021
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    last version epic games gta5. Unfortunately mod does not work :(
    well, I was not hoping much though

    अगस्त 23, 2021
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    Great mod, everything is awesome!
    @MiGGousT any way to make it work for player ped too?
    There is a ragdoll option in ENT, but it makes player ped fall flat every time

    अगस्त 23, 2021
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    Everything about this mod is great, thanks guys :)

    I've got one question: how to make it work with player ped? There is an option in ENT to toggle ragdoll when shot, but player ped behaves old way, not balancing.

    अगस्त 21, 2021