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    @Lapd Code 3
    Which vehicle are you trying to spawn? There's some in-complete ones R* left in which will crash your game but we've removed those from ENT until R* fixes it.

    I suspect it's because of the amount of reverse engineering and documentation being written around R*'s anti-cheat. There's signs they panicked and released a half complete update to close some of the newly disclosed holes.

    Thanks for the logs. That weapon bug sounds new. I know R* have a script running in the background to remove MP weapons and vehicles (because "they don't belong here" - which is why we have to set a global to prevent the vehicles disappearing) so that might be to blame (the crash might be a conflict between the script trying to remove the weapons as they're being given).

    The entity pool contains all the vehicles, props etc loaded from the files. There's also one for peds, pickups etc. ENT uses Zorg93's vehicle updater code to go through the pool, does a bit check (bit 5 is set if the entity is a vehicle) on each entity and pulls out entities which match that criteria. It then filters them into sub-categories by type (entity pool + 10). Menyoo uses Zorg's vehicle pool code as well if you want to check it out.

    Regarding the source - it's pretty much the same as it was when it was first written. We've added new features and tweaked existing ones where possible but haven't done much more in-depth (i.e entire feature re-writes etc).

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    I believe R* broke that feature - they changed how the time native worked.

    ENT reads the entity pool and filters on entity type (vehicle) before sorting the giant list of 768+ vehicles into lists by vehicle type, which is then shown to you as the subcategories. It sounds like another mod has installed that model or at least it was found in the entity pool when ENT dumped the contents.

    You could put the log into Pastebin if it doesn't contain any names etc.

    जून 20, 2022
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    Just to add what Alex mentioned - R* left incomplete vehicles and some MP character clothes in the game which just crash if you try and spawn/equip them (missing models or other data). They've rushed out the last 2 updates to patch some anti-cheat stuff and left it in which is why we've had to temporarily remove them until R* gets round to finishing the content off.

    जून 15, 2022
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    Under the Weapons submenu.

    जून 09, 2022
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    Are you using any custom peds or DLC peds?

    Did you put ENT into the GTA install folder with the Scripthook?

    It might be worth resetting ENT (type: %appdata%\GTAV Enhanced Native Trainer into a file explorer URL bar) by renaming ENT's setting DB.

    जून 07, 2022
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    Almost 90% of ENT's "important" things (vehicles and despawn global to name a couple) auto-update which helps keep ENT updated with minimal input from us (which helps immensely due to real world jobs and how much of a time sink they can be).

    Only thing(s) we'd have to look at adding manually would be new weapons (including mods), interiors and peds.

    Is there anything saying "error" in the ent-log file? That should be in the Enhanced Native Trainer folder.

    जून 04, 2022
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    If you check the ENT-log file, does it say "Found despawn global at [memory address]"? If it does, then it sounds like another mod is conflicting with it.

    जून 01, 2022
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    टिकी टिप्पणी

    Enhanced Native Trainer: Update 49.1
    • Prevented ENT from showing placeholder vehicles which would crash your game when spawned. These will be removed when R* either removes them or fixes the crashing.

    Contributions wholly thanks to @Slash_Alex:
    • Added a 'Hide/Show HUD' hotkey.
    • Added a 'Freeze/Unfreeze Wanted Level' hotkey.
    • Added some online NPCs to use as a skin or to spawn as bodyguards and peds.

    • Improved the 'Screen Filters' menu a bit. ENT remembers the chosen filter now.

    • Fixed a nasty bug in the 'Freeze Wanted Level' option. It didn't work properly sometimes
    • Fixed a tiny bug in the 'Equip Saved Weapons' feature. It didn't work properly sometimes
    • Fixed a tiny bug in the 'Radio In Police Vehicle' option
    • Fixed some incorrect weapons locations
    • Fixed a bug in the 'Headlights During Blackout' option. It no longer makes vehicles invincible
    • Fixed some missing previews

    Known Bugs:-
    • Some of the weapon tints (namely MK1 tints) use the incorrect name in ENT. This is a side effect of using the in-game names.
    • Track wheels appear to duplicate their entries. There should be 30 rims, not 220.

    मई 30, 2022
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    I know the Scripthook and ENT uses a handful of WinAPIs which Proton may not be too happy with. Similar with the proxy injectors (dinput8.dll) as I've had mixed experiences trying to inject DLLs/ASIs into processes which are running in a WINE wrapper. Most of the time WINE isn't happy with it trying to load custom DLLs so fails.

    Not sure what you mean? If you set something in ENT and it's causing the game/scripthook to crash you can either delete ENT's DB (type: %appdata%\Enhanced Native Trainer into an explorer window and rename ENT.db) or use DBBrowser to open the DB and set the setting to 0).

    ENT automatically finds the global and sets it so it isn't that. Given it found it in your log - it would have set it to prevent the vehicles from disappearing. There's definitely something else on your end causing that. I'd suggest stripping back all the mods and running _just_ ENT and seeing if it happens again. If it doesn't - add in your mods 1 by 1 until it breaks.

    मई 25, 2022
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    ENT already supports the new version. The vehicle despawn global auto-applies and ENT automatically finds new vehicles etc.

    Only bug is R* left some placeholder vehicles in the last rushed update which causes the game to crash if you try and spawn them (which I'm getting ENT to remove for the time being until R* fixes it).

    What you're wanting to see is the "Despawn global: " line as they tells you ENT has found the global and prevented the cars from despawning. It sounds like you've got a mod either doing the same or has reset the global making the vehicles disappear again.

    मई 15, 2022