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    @juh00 You're complaining about mods I didn't make, and sound levels in a video edit, as well as examples of guns that aren't related to what I made or are doing, then you give me a rating based on idk what at this point lmao.

    All I did was change a fire rate and show yall what I use to create what I FEEL is a better glock 18/switch experience.
    None of the things you complained about are necessary to change the fire rate, go make your own glock tattoo whateverthefuck bro lol.

    अक्टूबर 21, 2021
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    2 issues.

    1. Mission Row police station gives me 11 frames down from 40, just being in the area. Never have I ever even seen a drop in frames so cold. I literally have to stay away from this area. I don't know if it has to do with the amount of police in the station or what.

    2. Police spawn in batches of 4 patrol cars, in various areas.
    Usually in pursuit.

    But it happens a bit often for me.

    More concerned with the first issue. IS there a way to tone down the amount of police at this station? (if this is even the issue) @x3mgamer

    अक्टूबर 14, 2021
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    टिकी टिप्पणी

    so it's not a "bug"
    I found that the standard magazine for the "Pistol" is 100 rounds. Must have inadvertently changed it while testing..

    If you run extended mag on the Pistol, it will have its original size of 31.

    Will upload a fix for the DRAG and DROP file.

    अक्टूबर 11, 2021
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    @American_Anime you have a drum for that bro. I'm not here to make imaginary bullets more imaginary, with all due respect.

    अक्टूबर 10, 2021
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    @American_Anime 100 rounds for the extended clip of the Pistol?

    अक्टूबर 09, 2021
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    If any of you notice a weird bug with your other pistol's having 100 rounds, drop a comment in the box. Appreciate everyone who downloaded this, it's my first "mod" so feedback is more than appreciated.

    अक्टूबर 09, 2021
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    @American_Anime Actually noticed this today, but it's only for my pistol and it goes away once you reload another pistol. I definitely did not alter the magazine size in any other gun.

    Only the AP Pistol and the PistolMK2 have modified mag sizes.
    Must be a weird bug.

    You should definitely use the "Copy and Paste" version until I figure that out, sorry for that though.

    अक्टूबर 09, 2021
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    @stream vichopro I'm gonna try to make a tutorial this weekend.

    अक्टूबर 08, 2021
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    Mod is amazing, I've been using it for almost a month and it's definitely the best cop system around. I'm using vanilla dispatch enhanced and used DTE, worked find with it installed for me, updated on the latest scripthook and gta update as of today.

    अक्टूबर 08, 2021
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    @rap1st Thank you kindly my G! I'm using QuantV on medium ENB settings.

    I got ideas, I just need someone who models guns so I can offer a version thats all in one, without having to use links and just streamline the process.

    अक्टूबर 07, 2021