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    @James Lofder You are welcome!

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    @James Lofder Blood And Decals Diversity Mod

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    @NeonX by Installing Various Weapon Reactions.oiv, it will most certainly override Realistic Weapon Play so i recommend not to install it at this current W.E.R.O update. Unless, if you want to try it out, that's not a problem, you can install Realistic Weapon Play back either way. I will think about adding compatibility to Realistic Weapon Play if it's a good gunplay overhaul mod decision for W.E.R.O. Thanks for your question and have a nice day! :)

    मई 10, 2022
  • Gtao01

    @junjun-858 W.E.R.O 2.0.4 OIV can be installed in any order but Immersive Combat needs to be installed first and then Various Weapon Reactions (Immersive Combat).oiv after that. Thanks for asking!

    मई 07, 2022
  • Gtao01

    @Bluriv You can install the 2.0.4 version right away as there is no removed files in this latest update :)

    मई 07, 2022
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    2.0.4 Changes (MASSIVE UPDATE):

    (After a month of hard work i have put into this update, im excited to finally release it publicly on this page. I would love to hear what you guys think :)

    -GTA IV Falling and bracing is now both in one. When falling off a building, you will have a general GTA IV falling reaction. When flying upwards or downwards, there will be a GTA IV bracing reaction.

    -Added variety to InjuredOnGround. Now an NPC will sometimes roll sideways. Improved the global InjuredOnGround reactions as well by making it a bit agile.

    -Added unique reactions to every weapon. That includes all categories like, snipers, rifles, shotguns and so on and the reactions are scaled by how much damage they do. Snipers create exaggerated and high shock reactions, shotguns make NPC's stumble or drop instantly and so on. The rest of the weapon categories is for you to try out and see what reaction result you get :). This also means that some weapons use alternative reactions when shot twice.

    -Rolling has been significantly improved

    -The bracing reaction when flying upwards or downwards (fast) has been improved. It's now less rigid and much more similar to GTA IV.

    -Explosion and fire reactions are a bit improved. Explosion reactions are now mixed with ragdoll dummy physics and euphoria physics. Meaning the character behaves like a ragdoll but will still maintain the reaction. Fire reactions has been improved with some adjustments to the movement speed of the arms and legs.

    -Fixed an issue after burning where the character got up mid air.

    -If you play RAGE COOP with your friends, this can be good news for you. Improved the streamed behaviours when some other player starts falling etc. Now there won't be static falling but instead there is a GTA IV type falling reaction. Sadly atm, RAGE COOP only streams one NaturalMotion task so when the other player burns, any fire (etc) reaction won't show so i can't do anything about it

    -Bailing out of a vehicle reaction and the velocity has been majorly improved. Now it's more dampened and spins way less. Also much more similar to GTA IV

    -NPC's now have a higher chance of falling over a fence/high wall. The velocity and reaction of FallOverWall is now a lot closer to GTA IV

    -Camera movement is now various. Falling, bailing out of a vehicle etc can give a different outcome to the camera movement.

    -Improved the balance behaviour when pushing a pedestrian

    -Fixed the issue where an NPC would start the writhe behaviour when they get pushed by a vehicle for too long

    -Added variety to death reactions (Only applies to the fall to knees death preset, main version and the yanked reaction death preset won't be affected). NPC's will now stumble when shot with some of the weapons. Most weapons will make the NPC's fall to their knees as usual

    -Minor bug fixes

    -Neckshots have been improved. Now when shot in the neck, they will hold their pose until their muscles stop working

    -Main death reactions have been improved. The death behaviour is now more light and GTA IV like

    -Increased the blend out delay when the NPC is standing from a shot

    -Added compatibility to Immersive Combat. I personally want to say a huge thank you to Artupaky for letting me merge the Various Weapons Reaction feature with Immersive Combat. It's my incredible honor to do that as Immersive Combat is by far one of the best gunplay overhaul mods to exist. I recommend to download Immersive Combat as their mod takes you to a whole another level with action! Download link is in the description :)

    And much much more! This new update will face conflicts with other mods that use weapons.meta so the only compatible mod with W.E.R.O 2.0.4 is the Immersive Combat mod by Artupaky01 so if you use any other gunplay overhaul mod and you want to install W.E.R.O but don't want to cause serious issues to your game, you can install the main version of the mod (Although the various weapon reactions installer is recommended and/or perhaps required, i can see how many mods there are that use weapons.meta so i set it as optional only for people that use other incompatible gunplay mods. If you use Immersive combat or you use no gunplay mod, it will be recommended for you to install one of them otherwise you will be missing out on the feature that's probably most major in this update). Have a nice day and enjoy the update!

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    मई 06, 2022
  • Gtao01

    Also giving you some information to why this bug happens and hopefully you can pick this up :). Voices disappear when you open a weapon wheel or a radio wheel (also anything that has slow motion disabled)

    अप्रैल 24, 2022
  • Gtao01

    This is a super fun trainer! Im super happy that it even lets me turn off the speed limit for ragdoll and also lets me enable GTA IV features like the camera and so on. Is there any chance you could also make the ragdoll speed limit unlocker standalone or perhaps implement it into the ini file? Thanks for this mod and keep up the amazing work!

    अप्रैल 24, 2022
  • Gtao01

    This is an incredible mod to play with friends, but can you by any change bring back the voices? Right as i installed this mod and kept playing with it for a couple of minutes, suddenly my character's and every other NPC's voice gets silenced. This happens even when im not on any server. They still speak from their mouth movement, but voice is not coming out of them. This is my only con with this mod, either way it's a 10/10. Way better than any other coop and multiplayer mods out there in my personal opinion

    अप्रैल 24, 2022
  • Gtao01

    @Artupaky01 Thank you so much!! Can't wait for the next update! Have an amazing day, stay safe! :)

    अप्रैल 21, 2022