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    Anybody know where I could get the individual models for the buses? It doesn't seem like the install work anymore.

    दिसंबर 16, 2023
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    How to make the destination signs for the LS Bus Network routes work?

    नवंबर 28, 2023
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    Hi, I love this mod but I have a quick suggestion. For the configuration file, could you maybe make it so you can control how many buses are on each route. I say this because I'm pretty sure all Metro Express Routes and some Metro Local routes only have 1 bus running on each route, so missing it means you have to wait a long time for it to come back. Making it so you can change how many buses on each route means you can add more express buses so there is less wait time. Like I said earlier, other than that, this is an excellent mod and gives a whole different vibe to the game. I hope you make one for GTA 6 in the future and I wish you success. I will post some path errors here later once I check out all the bus routes again.

    जून 20, 2023
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    Could someone tell me how to make it so its always rush hour? I changed the random rush hour percentage to 100 and its still not always random rush hour.

    अगस्त 26, 2022