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  • Tubeguy

    It's listed as work in progress. You rated his whole mod a half-star because an experimental feature doesn't work for you. That's a tad unfair, don't you think?

    दिसंबर 20, 2021
  • Tubeguy

    Update on HQ Reflections: They're now stable for longer. Before I'd get maybe a minute or two with it turned on. This time I played a good half-hour.
    I know it's WIP, just want to share anything useful (maybe you should have an output log so other's can help too).
    Love this.

    दिसंबर 20, 2021
  • Tubeguy

    This is the best thing to happen for GTA5 as far as I'm concerned. Thanks so much.
    I am curious, with the WIP Reflections, is the crashing a known issue? When enabled it will crash after a random period of time.
    If you already know ignore this.

    दिसंबर 19, 2021