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Zolika1351's Trainer (deprecated)


The most powerful trainer from IV, now in V!
A lot of work was put into this mod, specifically to use the least amount of natives possible, and to add brand new functions by reverse engineering the game itself rather than messing with said natives.
Most of the code has been totally rewritten from the IV version as well to be much cleaner and more stable.

Default controls:
F7 - open/close menu
Num5 - enter menu
Num0 - exit menu
Num2/8 - scroll

Middle mouse button - Hold for fly mode
F6 - Airbreak
RCTRL Num1 - Fix Car
RCTRL Num2 - Flip Car
RCTRL Num3 - Clean Car
Insert - (Car Recording) Place checkpoint
End - (Car Recording) Rewind to checkpoint

Custom hotkeys can be defined to toggle any menu option at any time in the .ini file, as well as controller support.

Note that features have only been tested on versions from v2372 up until v2612, options such as car wallhack might break on other versions.

List of unique/notable features:
Make reflections reflect the world exactly as it appears, including high quality models and dynamic objects such as street lights (but not vehicles or peds) (WIP)
Make on-foot movement much less annoying by removing stumbling, ragdoll when jumping into walls, and ledge drops when trying to jump
Built-in chaos mod with more than 500 effects and Twitch voting support
Rescale cars, peds, objects and buildings non-uniformly, make them bigger, taller, wider, shorter, etc. as well as rotate them while keeping physics intact
Replace all vehicle cameras with their equivalents from GTA SA recreated almost perfectly, including for helicopters and planes
Modify vehicle handling in real time
Modify weapon data in real time
Modify explosion data in real time
Enable crouching support
Vehicle OHKO (for either only the player's car or all cars)
Object OHKO (all objects explode on damage, e.g. driving over debris in a car)
Change all vehicles to handle like in GTA IV with auto-generated new handling for every car model
Remove auto-steering when police ram your car or shoot your tires out
Remove all teleporting up curbs from vehicle physics
Remove player damage from vehicle impacts and the forced 50hp of damage from windshield launches
Remove camera shake from vehicle and on-foot camera, including shake from car collisions
Properly disable vehicle air control
Full RGB color options for vehicles, including a separate option for pearlescent rather than being shared with color 3, and an option for coloring all non-colorable parts
Free camera that works in cutscenes and doesn't disable first person animations
Hash Reverser, enter a hash and have it reversed as soon as the game makes use of it
Open/close/unlatch/break any door
Manually view an LOD level of car models regardless of distance
Remove forced explosion when a car falls on its roof
Detach ANY car part, including previously impossible to detach parts such as fenders, wheels, bumpers and windows
Car, ped, weapon, weapon attachment and object lists that include all game models including addons
Record and play back paths of up to 128 cars simultaneously
Toggle visibility of car body and wheels separately
Edit natural traffic car color combinations while in game
Display distant vehicle imposters up close
Detach parts from spawned objects, such as breaking specific parts of lampposts
Disable distant lights at night
Disable nighttime car lights or force them on during daytime
Disable emissives at night or force them on during daytime
Disable lamps at night or force them on during daytime
Change dirt color of vehicles in-game
Manually toggle the burn effect on vehicles
Disable water physics without removing water as a whole
Unlock the max velocity and turn velocity of vehicles and ragdolls
Randomize car color variations to solve the issue of the first one or two color combinations of each car showing up too often
Trigger the DMT scenario from Did Somebody Say Yoga during free roam
Change game settings while in-game without any caps, e.g. set mouse sensitivity or screen brightness way lower/higher than what the game caps it to, and toggle shadows instantly (WIP)
Display various useful bits of info about the game such as the pointer to the player's ped and vehicle, timestep, game timer, car pedals & steering wheel, etc.
Teleport into last used car
Remote control any empty vehicle
Change HUD and car color RGB values
GTA/GTA2 style top-down camera
Warp car forward/backward keeping all momentum
Future-proof car tuning menu with 255 categories
Display tons of useful info on screen about all peds, vehicles, objects, buildings and interior instances in the game world, including health, distance, pointer in memory, vehicle gear/turbo/temperature/RPM/fuel, etc.
Change vehicle color to naturally occurring colors defined in carvariations
Full control over time & weather, including freeze weather option, year, month and day changing, syncing with system time & date, and customizable clock speed
In-menu gxt string reader, enter the key and get a localized string from it
Controller Info, displaying all 360 different control inputs and their current states along with a pointer in memory to the CPad for reverse engineering purposes
Make gravity relative to your car to be able to drive on walls and ceilings
Stop DLC cars from despawning (new, possibly more future-proof method)
Gravity gun with actual physics instead of teleporting
Customize the phone manually such as changing the theme, background and ringtone for each of the 3 characters

Minor code optimizations
Minor chaos optimizations
Fixed a potential crash with High Quality Reflections
Major code optimizations
Major chaos optimizations
Custom hotkeys now support up to 16 submenus
All options that are in the .ini can now be saved through the trainer
Moved .ini defaults to the ZMenu folder
Moved custom hotkeys to the ZMenu folder
Added an in-game custom hotkey creator into the menu (can be enabled in Trainer Settings -> Custom Keybind Creator)
Added tons of new chaos effects
Added Ped Recording
Chaos optimizations
Added more new chaos effects
Minor improvements to manual input menus
Restructured the Add/Remove Money option
Chaos optimizations
Added more new chaos effects
Added No Visual Water toggle
Added Uwuify option
Added Nyaify option
Added Randomize All Text option
Added Force Car Engine On option
Fixed some instances of low FPS with the mod installed
Fixed stutter when first enabling certain options
Added more options to Search
Chaos optimizations
Added more new chaos effects
Improvements to the Weapon Info Editor
Improvements to the Phone Settings menu
Improvements to GTA IV Car Camera
Game Tweaks options now no longer enable if the patches fail to apply
Added Object Translation and Building Translation to Scale Options
Fixed Re-Volt Powerups flickering
Fixed stutter when first enabling certain options
Added more options to Search
Added more new chaos effects
GTA IV Handling now no longer deletes all cars when toggled
Fixed memory corruption related to the Recent Models list
Improvements to the Weapon Info Editor
Improvements to the Handling Editor
Improvements to Ped Recording
Added more options to Search
Added tons of new chaos effects
Added Mirror Screen option
Added Wireframe Mode option
Added more options to Search
Added tons of new chaos effects
Added Fuck Up World option
Added more options to Search
Minor fixes to Object Spawning
Added Search menu for menu options (currently only a portion of the options, WIP)
Added Special Teleports menu (contains mission locations like North Yankton, Cayo Perico, Yoga spaceship etc)
Added IPL Loader
Moved GTA IV Handling to Game Tweaks
Added particle effects and proper vehicle behavior for the Snow toggle
Major chaos improvements
Added tons of new chaos effects
Added Snow toggle
Added Quake/Half-Life Movement
Note: No version compatibility changes, downgrade if you have issues
Minor code optimizations
Major chaos improvements
Partial compatibility with v2802 (no full support ever, downgrade and stop asking)
Minor code optimizations
Major chaos improvements
Minor code optimizations
Added Enable During Cutscenes toggle to Chaos
Minor code optimizations
Minor restructuring of menu options
Partial support for v2699.16 (no full support ever, downgrade and stop asking)
Minor code optimizations
Major chaos optimizations
Added more new chaos effects
Major improvements to Building Scale
Corrected the extra list in Vehicle Options
Minor code optimizations
Minor chaos optimizations
Minor code optimizations
Minor chaos optimizations
Minor code optimizations
Added more new chaos effects
Minor code optimizations
Added more new chaos effects
Minor code optimizations
Added more new chaos effects
Chaos now automatically gets disabled if it disconnects from Twitch
Added Weapon Scale option
Fixed Phone Settings on v2699
Fixed Prologue Phone on v2699
Chaos improvements
Added more new chaos effects
Minor code optimizations
Added more new chaos effects
Minor code optimizations
Restructured Time & Weather menu
Minor code optimizations
Added GTA SA Vehicle Camera option
Added Pinball option
Added Bouncy Cars option
On-Screen Keyboard improvements
Added One Bullet Mags option
Added TVs menu (enable in-game TVs tuned to any channel)
Moved some gameplay options into a new Gameplay Fresheners menu
Moved Sort Models Alphabetically to Vehicle Spawn Options
Moved all of Memory Editing - Options - Custom into various different menus, leaving the Memory Editing menu only for editing data and files
Added Windows menu to Vehicle Options
Moved Extras, Doors, Lights, Windows and Detach/Disable Parts menus into a Car Parts submenu
Added toggle states to vehicle extras
Added Game Tweaks menu to Misc, with most of Memory Editing - Options - Custom being put here and categorized properly
Organized Time & Weather menu for ease of use for the most common tasks
Moved YSC Loader to Experimental
Moved display-related options into an Info Displays menu
Added On-Screen Keyboard toggle for controllers
Framerate Display position now corrects for aspect ratio
Fixed No Crosshair crashing the game
Fixed crashes on Steam
Minor code optimizations
Major decrease in loading times and stutters
Fixed crashes on 2699
Chaos improvements
Added more new chaos effects
Added Weather Transitions to Time & Weather menu
Chaos improvements
Added more new chaos effects
Buttsbot improvements
Added Camera Player Distance and Camera Player Scale options
Added more pride flags because people complained about it
Chaos improvements
Added more new chaos effects
Chaos improvements
Added more new chaos effects
Added Fix Scale to Player Position and Fix Scale to Ground into Scale Options
Added more new chaos effects
Added search option for chaos effects
Minor code optimizations and stability improvements
Chaos optimizations
Added tons of new chaos effects
Added Object Scale option
Added Building Scale option
Added rotation to all existing scale options
Reduced lag when toggling some options for the first time
Major UI optimizations
Rewritten most of the menu UI to be cleaner and more stable
Added Color Picker option to some color menus
Added Speedrun Timer option
Added Vehicle OHKO option with a global toggle and an easy toggle
Added Object OHKO option
Chaos improvements
Added more new chaos effects
Fixed Player Scale climbing and vehicle issues
Fixed Ped Scale cloth component issues
Chaos improvements
Added tons of new chaos effects
Added Attach Self to Nearest Car option
Added Drunk Cam & Car Accelerate option
Added Super Jump toggle
Added Vehicle Camera Remakes menu
Added No Crosshair toggle
Added Populated menu to Car Spawning
Chaos improvements
Added tons of new chaos effects
Moved Camera Scale into a Player Scale menu
Added Player Scale option
Added Player Car Scale option
Added Global Ped Scale option
Added Global Car Scale option
Added Explosive Bullets option
Added No Pausing in Pause Menu option
Chaos improvements
Added tons of new chaos effects
Added Timecycle Modifiers menu
Minor Weapon Info Editor fixes
Added Allow Crouching toggle
Added Crouch/Uncrouch to Selected Ped menu
Minor code optimiziations
Added weapon flags to Weapon Info Editor
Chaos improvements
Added Weapon Info Editor
Chaos improvements
Added more new chaos effects
Added YSC Loader menu
Major chaos improvements
Added tons of new chaos effects
Added Script Globals menu
Added Phone Settings menu
Added Dash Mechanics option
Added Handbrake Hopping option
Added Honk Boosting option
Minor optimizations
Added Twitch voting support to Chaos Mod
Major code restructuring
Hash Reverser now allows up to 64 different hash inputs at one time
Minor optimizations
Minor optimizations
Added Min/Max Bounds to Model Info menu
Added all flags to Explosion Data Editor
Minor optimizations
Fixed Never Tired
Reduced Steer Bias chaos effect intensity
Added more chaos effects
Improved Top Down Camera behavior
Added Give Health and Give Armor to Selected Ped menu
Added more recognized characters to input menus
Added Animations menu
Reduced stutter when first using some options
Added Camera Matrix Display option
Added Rotation Display option
Slightly increased default airbreak speed
Minor option naming changes
Disable Controls in Menu now only disables inputs, not player control entirely
Fixed Free Camera custom rotation stuttering
GTA IV Handling auto-generation improvements
Added Explosion Data Editor
Fixed Car Variations menu crashing on apply if not in a car
GTA IV Car Camera now properly alters the camera including correct camera collision checks and interpolation
Added Gas Pedal, Brake Pedal, Steer Input, Steer Bias, Steer Output, Impact Steer Offset Input and Impact Steer Offset Output to Car Wallhack
Disable Controls in Menu now disables cinematic camera
Disabled P pause bind in input menus
GTA IV Car Camera smoothing improvements
Added No In-Vehicle Collision Damage toggle
Added No Windscreen Launch Damage toggle
Fixed some handling values displaying incorrectly in the edit menu
Added Lights menu to Vehicle Options (currently only has indicators)
Heavily expanded Exclusive Functions menu
Improved Teleport to Waypoint behavior
Added GTA IV Car Camera option
GTA IV Handling auto-generation improvements
Added No Auto-Steering When Rammed option
Added Search menu to Car Spawning, Player Model, Ped Spawning and Weapons
Pause/Unpause Game options are now a single toggle
Player Car info display now always shows the car if it's linked to the player in any way
GTA IV Handling auto-generation improvements
Added Sort Alphabetically toggle to Car Model List (if off, all DLC cars are at the bottom in dlclist order)
Added Ped Type to Ped Wallhack
The mod now no longer relies on ScriptHook threads (still requires ScriptHookV but this means reloading scripts with devloader will no longer reload the trainer and crashes won't give a useless error and instead actual crash dumps)
Added GTA IV Handling toggle
Added handling editor
Added No Car Collision Camera Shake toggle
Added Unfog Map toggle
Fixed some crashing issues
Added Model Info menu
Improved compatibility
Added Disable World Streaming option
Reduced stutter when toggling camera related options
Spawned cars now use the player's heading
Improved startup times
Fixed startup window/fullscreen issues
Code optimizations, cleanups and restructuring
Added more chaos effects
Added No Curb Snapping toggle
High Quality Reflections now only hides itself if it's already enabled in ZPatch
Added Hints toggle
No Physics Sleep, High Quality Reflections and Randomized Car Color Variations now get removed from the menu if ZPatch V is present
Added Shadows toggle to Memory Editing - Options
Added more chaos effects
DVD Screensaver chaos effect is now no longer FPS dependant
Moved Object Spawning and Explosion Spawning to Spawn menu
Merged X and Y size options in Death Counter
Added flashing cursor to indicate input options
Added display of unknown category IDs to Car Tuning
Added extra info to some options, shown at the bottom of the menu
Hash Reverser now automatically reverses hashes from all existing model lists
Added Custom Colors menu (crew color)
Added Drive on Air chaos effect
Cleaned up vehicle force menus
Added Model Name to wallhacks
Chaos effect fixes and improvements
Added 9 new chaos effects
Added Attachment menu to Object Spawning
Fixed Give All Weapons breaking the grenade slot
Added No Sprint Camera Shake toggle
Added No Air Control toggle
Added No High Speed Camera Shake toggle
Fixed Clothes Texture menu only having 11 options instead of 12
Increased stability of the Earthquake, Gravity Field and Forcefield chaos effects
Added Earthquake toggle
Added more chaos effects
Reduced stutter when first toggling some options
Removed massive stutter when first toggling Model Quality
Fixed Ghost Cars chaos effect not working for parked cars
Fixed LSD Mode causing softlocks on mission fail
Object Spooner snap improvements
Added Skin option to Object Spawning
Added Snap to Edges and Snap to Clean Angles toggles to Object Spooner
Added right click bind to rotate by 90 degrees in Object Spooner
Object Spooner objects now get added to Recent Models list
Added Car Variations editor
Added Clothes menu
Added Random Weapon Upgrades, Take Damage, Quake Pro, Low FOV, Slow-mo, Game Speedup, Car Speedup, Give Health, Give Armor, Sacrificial Circle, Bankrupt and Airbreak chaos effects
Fixed some chaos effects not having a proper disable function
Added Give All Weapons and Fake Lag chaos effects
Added Spawn Random Car chaos effect
Added Teleport to Airport chaos effect
Added Portal Guns option
Added pool counts to Info Display
Added Load/save hotkeys & trainer settings options
Added Drive on Water chaos effect
Model List menus now only show up if they have at least one item
Spooner ground snap improvements
Fixed Object Fill not working
Replaced pattern for brightness, now works on more game versions
Moved weapon lists into a submenu
Fixed Give All Weapons making the unarmed slot invalid
Added Disable Controls in Menu option
Added Customize Current Weapon menu (tints, attachments including addons, attachment/camo tints, etc.)
Improved compatibility with other mods that might log addon content
Added text to empty options in Car Tuning
All object list menus now use the dynamically generated list
Minor code optimizations
Restored 100x fast scroll to Object List
Added Gadget List, Ammo List and Vehicle Weapon List to Weapons menu to filter them out from regular weapons
Significantly reduced file size
Removed All Car Models menu, the regular Model List now uses this system sorted alphabetically and the static list has been removed
Weapon List now shows all weapons, including addons
Fixed trainer crashing in Change Object Model menu
Changed Saved Teleports fast scroll from 10x to 100x
Added display of RGB values to Car Color Editor
Added Unlock All Radio Stations option
Fixed patterns failing due to sign mismatches
Added All Car Models menu to Car Spawning (also lists all addon cars but not in alphabetical order)
Object Spawning now shows all game models
Improved filters for invalid models in Ped Spawning and Object Spawning
Added All Ped Models menu to Ped Spawning and Player Model menus (also lists all addon peds but not in alphabetical order)
Added size move amount to object movement options (moves by the object's bounds)
Cleaned up Edit Selected Object menu, adding a dedicated Move Amount option instead of 3 sets of move options
Added scale support to objects.ini
Moved camera .inis to the ZMenu folder
Fixed objects.ini and car recording .inis not saving into the ZMenu folder
Added proper descriptions to saved teleports
Reduced teleports menu to 8192 options to prevent stutter
Added fast scroll to Saved Teleports menus
Added mission entity toggle to Delete in Area
Fixed instability in Saved Teleports menu
Added Camera FOV option
Fixed the vehicle color table causing issues on older versions
Added backwards compatibility for Detach Car Parts menu
Fixed cylinder markers drawing badly
Added support for picking up entities with Spooner Mode
Reduced stutter when first toggling a few options
Fixed crash when switching to heavy sniper in first person in v2545 (HeavySniperCrashFix in .ini)
Added Gravity Gun option
Extended Saved Teleports menu to 32767 options
Moved .ini locations to a dedicated ZMenu folder
Added Move Physically and Ragdoll Peds toggles to Spooner Mode
Fixed Spooner Mode selecting the wrong models in Object List menu
Added Gravity Guns and Bright Car Headlights chaos effects
Fixed No DLC Car Despawning having no effect with Spawn as Mission Car off
Health-related functions now use the actual health instead of rounding it to a whole number
Removed health option from Building, Animated Building and Interior Wallhacks (these entity types don't have a health member)
Added No Wall Impact Ragdoll option
Added No Ledge Mechanics option
Added No Stumbling option
Added Delete Car, Lock Car Doors, Freeze Car, Car Visibility and Car Collision options
Added No Falling Car Explosions option
Added Spawn Cars as Mission Car toggle (this was on by default previously)
Moved car spawn options into a Spawn Options menu
Fixed Memory Editing Display menu crashing the game
Added Add Money option
Added controller support compatibility for Win7 and older
Vehicle Model Quality stability improvements
Vehicle Model Quality now always works for the player's current car
High Quality Reflections stability improvements
Added No DLC Car Despawning option
Added No Physical Water toggle
Added Chaos Mod (WIP, currently has 69 effects)
Fixed Object Spawning crashing the trainer if the delete option is selected
General stability improvements
Wallhack options no longer make menu text disappear
Added Blips menu to Teleports
Removed forced debug text
Vehicle Model Quality now works for the entire vehicle instead of just wheels
Vehicle Model Quality stability improvements
Added Car Color editor
Fixed some of the ped weapon menu affecting the player
Added Rainbow Traffic option
Text size and outline changes
Added Slide Run option
Fixed Drive on Water not working properly when not near water
Added Drive on Walls option
Added Car Gravity Modifier option
Added Drive Task Wander option
Added Clear Tasks option
Added all new peds to the ped model list
Added all new objects to the object model list
Added all new vehicles to the vehicle model list
Added external functions support
Added Model Quality menu (WIP, options lower than High currently only affect car wheels)
Added Wheels Only and No Wheels toggles
Added One Hit KO option
Special Godmode improvements
Optimizations and crash fixes for vehicle pool related options
Improved the behavior of velocity altering options (turbo, superbrake, etc.)
Teleport into Nearest Seat now skips full cars
Added Ped Spawning menu
Added recently spawned lists to Object, Ped, Player and Car Spawning
Fixed Random Clothes toggle in Player Model menu
Added Disable Car Parts menu
Added Vehicle Imposters Up Close toggle
Added .ini defaults for all options
Added Ignite Player and Suicide options
Added No Health Gain option
Added Hard Mode option
Added Explosion Spawning menu
Wallhack menus now iterate the pool directly instead of using ScriptHook functions
Added Entity Type to all wallhacks
Added Respot Timer to Car Wallhack
Added Buidling and Animated Building wallhacks
Added Interior Wallhack
Moved all wallhacks into a submenu
Added Car Recording menu
Added Player Model menu
Added Teleport into Nearest Seat option
Added scale to Object Spawning
Added model hash option to all wallhacks
Added Spooner to Object Spawning
Added Active Camera Type and Active Camera Pointer to Info Display
Added License Plate Text option
Added Player Car Type to Info Display
Added Lock Camera toggle
Added Free Camera
Fixed delay in warping into vehicles
Fixed Vehicle Extras menu not working properly
Added Top Down Camera option
Added Times Wasted Counter option
Added Color 5 and Color 6 to Vehicle Options
Added Color 1 & 2 menu to Vehicle Options
Added RGB Colors to Vehicle Options (including quinary color and separate pearl & tertiary colors)
Fixed weird behavior when Randomized Car Color Variations is toggled
Added Special Car Godmode, Car Fix Loop, Disable Visible Damage and Never Dirty to Vehicle Options
Added Saved Car Options menu to Vehicle Options
Added Remote Control Car option
Added Info Display
Fixed High Quality Reflections crashing the trainer on Steam
Fixed Controller Info crashing the trainer on Steam & EGS
Added Dirt Color option
Added Burned Car Skin toggle
Added No Speed Sanity Checks option
Added Unlock Car Max Speed, Unlock Car Max Turn Speed, Unlock Ragdoll Max Speed and Unlock Ragdoll Max Turn Speed options
Fixed instability when Disable All Distant Lights is turned on
Added Enable All Distant Lights option
Added Randomized Car Color Variations option
Base Brightness now only resets if the brightness option is changed
Added Detach Parts to Object Spawning
Added Dirt Level option
Added Unlock Dirt Level Limit toggle (WIP)
Added High Quality Reflections option (WIP)
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