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Hobo Extermination [Build a Mission]


This is a mission for the Build your mission mod (which is a great mod btw) so you'll need it first.

Do you miss games like Postal 2, where you could unleash your inner fury and just relax and all? Do you like killing hobos? Do you like killing hobos with machetes who desperately try to defend themselves with bunch of baseball bats, hammers and so on? Then this will be right up your alley.

It's a just simple mission any 5 year old could do in 3 minutes, but fuck it, I'm bored so I'm uploading it.
Recently a swarm of hobos has taken refuge in the abandoned motel of Sandy Shores - they often rob surrounding village houses, rape little girls, etc. The sheriff is getting alot of backlash for letting this happen - but he can't just send his men to sort this out because the liberal media will go fucking crazy and say all the hobos wanted was just to hug some teddy bears or some shit. Your job is to fucking go there, and slaughter them all - the sheriff will hold his cops on a leash while you're sorting this out so don't worry about being subtle. Bring a machete or a knife, slaughter them all. I can't restrict you from using guns; but please don't - these all need a violent death so that nobody will ever think of squatting in that shithole again. Oh and, we only have description of one of them - so if you cut up the leader and wonder what else you have to do, just find the rest of those scumbags, they're all around the motel.

Get net scripthook
Get build your own mission mod
Put folder with my mission in Grand Theft Auto V\scripts\bam\missions - note: if you have more than 10 missions in this folder, my mission won't show up for you. So delete some other mission or w.e.
While ingame, press the key to open up BAM menu (H by default) go to 'installed missions' and launch Hobo Extermination.

Recommended mods:
Build your own mission(you need this):
Zippo fucking Raid's violence overhaul: seriously, don't play this mission without it
Injury mod - makes melee alot more interesting; you will often fall while getting hit
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