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Gunplay Overhaul [.OIV] v1.5

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A new name, for a completely redone mod.

Gunplay Overhaul aims to make GTA's weapons and ballistics more realistic and closer to shooters such as Squad and Insurgency, while maintaining the original feel of GTA's gunplay. I made this mostly just for myself but put a lot of work into it to bring to as high a quality as possible so that I'm happy with releasing it. As such, I'm no longer going to include many optional files or variations. While I will fix any bugs found, I likely won't be taking many suggestions into consideration.

This overhaul includes features such as:
- Weapon damage values, ammo type, and penetration values dependent on weapon caliber
- Realistic muzzle effects and removal of tracers on most weapons
- Removal of hitmarkers (courtesy of Derrysan360) and ability to turn off reticle through game options
- Magazine capacity based on real life equivalents
- Overhaul of pickups necessary to ensure ammo types and amounts are correct when picking up a weapon (also has other features that contribute to making weapons more realistic)
- Faster firerates for semi-auto pistols and pump-action shotguns
- Better animations for MGs and the Micro SMG
- Configured to work with most weapon sound modifications (when possible, choose sound only installations. if not possible, install sound modifications before this)
- And too many other small changes to list

Installation may take a few minutes.

ATTENTION: Set target style to 'complex' to remove reticle or to 'simple' to keep reticle.

- OpenIV

Included Optionals:
- Less Than Lethal Pump Shotgun: simulates rubber bullets, the pump shotgun still does some damage and can still kill, but very rarely will it (non-aggressive peds are incidentally more at risk than aggressive peds)
- Immersive Pickups Compatibility for Stryfaar's Immersive Pickups glow and no glow versions
- Bullet Car Penetration (although does not respond differently to different vehicles so armored vehicles get penetrated just as easily as non-armored)

Recommended Mods:
- Immersive Pickups by Stryfaar
- Gun Recoil by Eddlm
- Realistic Guns Sounds by XENORT
- Or any other weapon sounds mod, Gunplay Overhaul is designed to be compatible with
most sound mods

Please report any bugs you find in the comments and I'll try to fix them.

- Derrysan360 for .gfx files used to disable hitmarkers
- Stryfaar for creation of immersive pickups


First release

Added RSE Realistic 3.7 compatibility as an optional file

Redid entire mod
Reworked force, penetration and damage (force has been tailored for use with a euphoria mod)
Added OIV installation packages
New cinematic muzzle effects instead of realistic effects
Added and removed optional files
Modified sounds to be fully compatible with Realistic Weapon Sounds

Updated the changelog in the file since caliber descriptions were inaccurate

Updated for v1604
Sounds updated for Realistic Weapon Sounds 4.2 (now compatible w/ default game sounds)
Uninstall package now included (only for default version)
Added new variations:
- Weapon FX with Tracers
- Weapon FX Effects Only
- Weapon FX for AR Sound 2
- Weapon FX No Reticle
- Weapon FX No Reticle with Tracers
Added Pickups Lite optional file
Penetration redone and now optional file
Force greatly decreased to make Euphoria more evident
Shotgun damage slightly increased
Bullet spread tripled for added difficulty when spraying
Force for ray pistol increased
Force for ray rifle and ray minigun greatly decreased
Damage for ray rifle and ray minigun increased

Updated for lastest GTA version
Completely redid the mod
Too many changes to list

Damage tweaks for melee weapons to make melee fights more realistic (WIP)
Increased ammo count for sticky bombs and proximity mines to work with story missions
Added optional file: Less Than Lethal Pump Shotgun
Added small amount of damage back to stungun

v1.4.1 hotfix:
Fixed something I thought I had already fixed but actually hadn't with the less than lethal shotgun optional file (headshots are no longer as deadly with less than lethal)

Changed installation process to be more optimized
Inclusion of an uinstall package
New install package icon
Added optional file: Compatibility files for Immersive Pickups by Stryfaar (https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/immersive-pickups)
Added optional file: Bullet Car Penetration

Do not re-upload or redistribute this file to anyone or anywhere. Do not upload modified versions of these files. If you use this mod in a video please include a link in the video's description. This mod is exclusive to gta5-mods.com
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