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Updated Marksman Rifle 1.1


Updated 6/17/2016, adds assault rifle LockOnRange rifle should be even more effective now.

In the 1990s the state of San Andreas placed a ban on scope-less semi-automatic designated marksman rifles... 2nd Amendment freedom my ass... Apparently they would have been "dangerous" in the hands of criminals. But no longer! The bill expired and the state is too busy trying to repeal healthcare laws for the 467th time to do anything about it!

You will now be able to detach/reattach the Marksman Rifle scope at ammu-nation! (Huge thank you to 420x420 for this part and for allowing me to continue improving on his code.)

In addition to being able to remove the scope, the weapon now functions like a regular semi-auto rifle when the scope is detached. That's right, you can lock-on and everything. The weapon is devastating when used correctly, you'll be plinking "varmint" left and right in no time.

ShellFx have been updated so that the rifle no longer ejects .50BMG and instead the default rifle round used by the other ARs.

Also includes an updated weapon wheel icon so that you can show the world you like to go scope-less.

Feel free to use this file for any marksman rifle replacements! I'm sure a lot of people would like to have functioning semi-auto rifles in their GTAs.

If you remove the scope in multiplayer you can sometimes have trouble getting it back on. (Works absoluetly fine in singleplayer, you can detatch and reattach as you please.) Aiming from helicopter is also a little buggy, game doesn't know what to do when the scope is off, keeps trying to throw you into a scope. Minor, yes, but I just wanted to let you guys know.

A big thank you to all my buddies for help with the screenshots and videos.
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