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Heavy Rifle Enhancements Pack 1.0 WIP


The no-holds-barred 30-round answer to that eternal question, how do I get this guy off my back?

1.0 WIP - Release

This mod improves Heavy Rifle in multiple ways:
-Adds new default and extended magazine models, based on the sniper rifle magazine model, inspired by the actual beta model of this gun
-Custom addition of Drum Mag inspired by real SCAR one, model based on SMG Drum Mag
-You can choose if you want more "beta-style" realistic approach on the clip sizes, or a more "current-lore" one
-New gun tints that are closer to day one weapons like it should be, instead of the rifle being grey by default, now it's black, the police tint is inspired by beta oldgen tint
-Additional gun camo added, since the families finish doesn't really fit but at the same time it's pretty cool, i decided to add the army desert camo as another variation

-As of right now the magazines don't have working collisions, hopefully this will be fixed in the future, blame GIMS, collisions are set up properly
-Standard and extended mags change colors depending on the gun tint you selected, you can force a black tint or tan tint by going into optionals folder, selecting one of options and replacing the texture file
-Animations for the drum mag don't really fit, i could use regular animations instead but i think it's better to have hands floating a bit rather than having them clip into the model, this may be fixed in the future

Spawn Component Names:


Rockstar Games - Original... laziness? However you want to call it
Slick (me) - This

Go to mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\mpsecurity\dlc.rpf and install everything accordingly:
1. Go to main files folder, follow the path structure and replace with modified files or add them
2. Go to 'choose clip capacity version' folder, select your version and follow the path structure, add the modified file
3. Add optional mods if you wish, follow the same folder structures
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