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12 Gauge Flare Pistol 1.75


Introducing your favorite new drive by weapon, the 12 Gauge Flare Pistol.
Range suffers severely on this gun due to the extremely short barrel length but it spreads like crazy. Its wide path of destruction and quick and easy aiming make this a literal "point and shoot" weapon. Just face them and pull the trigger.

Version 1.55 adds two new flare pistol textures to choose from and a proper shotgun shell resized and retextured by @420x420. One texture looks like a modern orange plastic flare gun with an improvised metal barrel and the other one looks like an old school metal frame flare gun. (Some screenshots still have the original shitty texture done by me.)

Version 1.75 includes the old school wood grip flare pistol. I forgot to put it in the last one.

Back in the old days one of the easiest ways for a criminal to get a gun was to go buy a 12 gauge signal flare pistol and put weak 12 gauge shotgun shells in it. Instructions for old metal flare guns specifically warn users against putting a shotgun shell into the device for their own safety as 12 gauge flares are much less powerful than shotgun shells and the cheap flare pistols were not designed to withstand such force. However this did not stop desperate people from turning them into hand cannons and often unintentionally handheld bombs. After people realized the potential dangers involved with this device flare gun makers changed the design of their barrels so that a person cannot simply load a shotgun shell into it. Modifying a modern flare gun to shoot 12 gauge shells is a bit difficult but not impossible and desperate clever criminals looking for a "hard hitting throw away piece" will often turn a flare gun into a cheap single shot hand cannon.

Don't get any bright ideas here, modern orange plastic flare guns like the one in found in GTAV will not fit a 12 gauge shell without modification and when you're done modifying it, it will blow yer damn hand off and you'll get put in jail for illegally manufacturing a firearm. Being in jail with a missing hand will suck.
So just play with this one and don't go do it in real life. It aint my fault if you do some dumb shit.

Installation instructions included in the download.

Get the rusty Oldsmobile from Carface here: https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/1973-oldsmobile-delta-88
And get the army jacket from 420x420 here: https://www.gta5-mods.com/player/mafia-3-inspired-veteren-jacket-for-franklin
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