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Real LAPD: 4K California Police Pack 3.0


Real LAPD: California Police Pack

This 4K texture pack contains LAPD, LASD, and CHP textures for the CVPI, Dodge Charger 2011 & 2015, Ford Explorer, Ford Taurus (interceptor) and an LAPD police helicopter.

This pack is a combination of all my LAPD textures I have made and updates to those textures will now continue here. In this file there have been changes made to previous textures and the change log is down below.


Sometimes when you put the textures in OpenIV the "MipMaps" dont change so quaility of the texture from a distance will be terrible, to fix this make sure the mipmaps are 8+ DO NOT ASK FOR HELP BEFORE TRYING THIS!

I put alot of time and effort into this pack so please DO NOT re-upload to any other website OR edit these textures without my permission, thank you.

Upcoming updates:

-Park Ranger

-Police Transport Van

How to install

To install the textures for the Police Helicopter and the Police Riot you MUST download these two vehicles




Bxbugs CVPI:

Follow their install instructions and then replace the texture files inside the Texture dictionary file with the new texture file.


Alot of people have asked for install instructions so here are the best ones I can give:

All of the CVPI textures fit every model except bxbugs cvpi. Whatever vehicle you installed go to its install instructions and find where you installed it and then go into the texture dictionary file to replace the original textures with mine.

The Ford Explorer texture fits all current ford explores so once again go to where you installed the explorer and replace the texture files inside of the texture dictionary.

Here are the links for the chargers same rules apply:

2011: Should work with his other 2011 models as well



Change Log V3.0:
Added Insurgent skin back to the pack

Fixed spelling error in SWAT Insurgent Texture. 

Added LASD textures for bxbugs's CVPI 

Changed license plate texture from "SA EXEMPT" to "CA EXEMPT" 

My links:

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7qhSjxrtM39ApJpq-dPnpg

Twitter: https://twitter.com/CptSugarFree

Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/cptsugarfree
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