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Bravado Buffalo Pack (Police + Civilian) [Add-On / Replace] 1.1


"The Bravado Buffalo took America by storm when introduced in the latter half of the 2000s. Sold like hotcakes to civilian and police, and the powerful V8 engine meant it was a good choice as a getaway or pursuit car. With that level playing field, there was only one winner: Bravado themselves. With that cash, they released a facelift in 2009, and even created a special edition model."

This was a personal project I did over the summer, during my break from university. The Buffalo is one of my favorite lore vehicles, to the point I felt it deserved my own personal take. It started as a small personal project, when Jacobmaate made the base model with the amazing new interior (included in this pack as he had no interest of making a civilian release). This pack is optimized for use in popgroups, as I made vehicles as addons instead of tuning parts sof if you add them to traffic they will spawn as they look. Made compatibility with other Lore Friendly mods in mind, so spawn names will for interfere in other mods, and even includes an optional version in the download that avoids replacing police2, in case you use both like I do. Enjoy as much as I did!

Check out this GIF of the amazing interior of this car that Jacobmaate did: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/718607683086712892/733471602410520666/BuffInt1.gif

Pack includes:

Bravado Buffalo 2006 model (Jacob's model). Spawn name: JMbuffalo
Bravado Buffalo 2009 model (based on the Charger R/T) Spawn name: buffalo
Bravado Buffalo A/C 2009 (based on the Charger SRT8) Spawn name: buffaloac1
Bravado Buffalo A/C 2009 special edition (based on the Charger SRT8 SuperBee)
Spawn name: buffaloac2

Law Enforcement:
LSPD Buffalo 2009 Patrol version (addon or replacement option)
Spawn name: police2 or police2c depending on options
LSPD Buffalo 2009 Tech Demo model Spawn name: police2a
LSPD Security Services Buffalo 2009 Spawn name: police2gs
LSPD Buffalo A/C 2009 Spawn name: policebufac
LSSD Buffalo A/C 2009 Spawn name: lssherbufac
FIB 2009 Buffalo (replace) Spawn Name: FBI

Note: Visor on the FIB replacement has a scoop dummy that can be folded up and down with 8 and 5 on numpad or shift and control. Also that dummy due to Rockstar's brilliance has a lot of weight so in the air the car will tilt forwards.

DLS Config Available here! DLS v1.0.0 Configs for Bravado Buffalo Pack
Thanks Fulant!

Changelog: v1.1: Added Gun Rack from Nacho, tweaked FIB spawn colors to be more subtle and have either black or tan interiors only, and brought back lightbar mount screws.


Jacobmaate: New Buffalo base model, JMbuffalo model, Lore Arjent, antennas, various LED modules, FIB poster, major beta testing.
Bravo-1-Charlie: Headlight overhaul, front bumper edits, engine edits, UV maping edits, Police spec edits, MDC console.
Skitty: ALPR model
11john11: Pushbar, antennas, center console, liveries on police 2a and 2c, trackify, misc interior parts
Nacho: Cage, Gun Rack, major beta testing
PeroxideMP5: GS livery
Crisby: bumper stickers
Bozza: Fold down visor
Dipierro: bumper stickers
IlayArye: Siren box
ActuallyToxic: MDC screen, Spotlights, lore 3light fed sig modules, lore wheelen visor light.
AlexanderLB: Various texture resources.
Alyxandra Vance: Handling
Many on lorehub discord: Beta testing.

Major thanks for all of you involved with testing, feedback and that lent resources.
If you're missing from credits, apologies in advance and message me for rectification.

All files here are unlocked. Please ask the other creators for permission if you want to use any assets included here, but my assets are free to use, and so are Jacobmaate's assets.
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