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1997 Daewoo Joyster Concept [Add-On / Replace | Tuning] 1.5.1


First release: 12.11.2015
Hello again, this is my second ever convert and first ever add-on mod - 1997 Daewoo Joyster Concept.

It's an OFFICIAL convert from GTA IV.

Don't edit or retexturize the model. it's locked for editing!
If you want to publish this mod on other sites: keep the credits, description, all files and screens, upload as Add-on only!

If you want download replace version, check pinned comment.

Original GTA IV model by: Lazlow555, darewnoo
Official GTA V convert by: darewnoo
Screenshots/edit: darewnoo
Upload: darewnoo
Email: darewnoo@interia.pl
Website: www.mods.darewnoo.pl

if you want to see the latest and archival progress of Daewoo converts for GTA V http://www.darewnoo.pl/progress

v1.5.1 - Update 2016-04-16
I added small update, because few users have problem with version 1.5. Instruction is edited again. I hope, that now model will works :) If you have installed version 1.5, remove lines of Joyster from "dlclist" and "extratitleupdatedata" files in mods folder and install Joyster again with newest instruction.

v1.5 - Update 2016-04-15
+ replace version** (in pinned comment!)
+ dedicated colors of carbody spawn naturally
+ 2 new colors of carbody
+ paintable alloys (paint:4)
+ breakable side windows and rear glass panel
+ metal bullet holes of doors
+ removed vibrations
+ edited instruction

** replace version of Joyster doesn't have tuning parts and original names.

v1.4 - Update 2015-12-17
+ fixed size of dlc.rpf file (only 42,8 mb instead 128,5 mb!)
+ fixed bug of tuning parts for exhausts
+ fixed bug of tuning parts for hidden roof

v1.3 - Update 2015-11-25
+ removed bug: when the player leaves the model, it can vibrate - now is ok :)
+ fixed missing extra texture of radio
+ added coronas for rear lights
+ new "audioNameHash"

v1.2 - Update 2015-11-16
+ fixed wrong dirt map texture for some tuning parts
+ fixed bug of tuning parts for roof

v1.1 - Update 2015-11-15
+ 5 more tuning parts (engines) + names
+ 2 new textures for parts
+ model always has a closed roof (when spawned and in traffic) when it rains: http://s5.ifotos.pl/img/ScreenSho_sranpsw.jpg
+ edited instruction

Features / pros
+ Original high quality convert
+ Original name in game
+ 65(+5) tuning parts* + new names!
+ 5 random elements
+ Can tow a small trailer
+ New parts - hardtop, licence plate and switches
+ New textures - floor mats, "magazines", radio
+ Breakable glass
+ Complete LODs
+ Working speedometer and radio display
+ Working steering wheel and correct hand placement
+ Character sits correctly
+ Dirt and scratches on the bodywork
+ Correct licence plates
+ Tires blow-out correctly
+ Separated fenders
+ Working neons
+ Revised textures (speedometer, steering wheel, red floor, upholstery, engine)
+ Openable bonnet, boot and doors
+ Customizable wheels

* In the original tuning workshop aren't available all features tuned (limit)! You should use trainer.

Bugs / cons
- LODs aren't perfect (only reducing the amount of polygons), but work correctly ;)
- Roof is only a random element (doesn't work)

_hi.yft = 3,05 mb
.yft = 5,65 mb
.ytd = 5,59 mb
tuning parts = 27,9 mb

It's Add-on mod, so Info for instalation is in Readme.
But don't worry, it's easy - only 3 steps :)
If you have my other convert of Daewoo already installed, do not add Joyster into the same folder. Each model must have a separate folder.

To spawn a model enter: joyster

Thanks to:
Lazlow555 - he made roof and switches, also he gave me small tips
Zymku - for testing the mod
FruitMartini - for testing the mod
Alex - for testing the mod
tall70 - for small tips
iksio - translation

Please donate with Paypal, it will allow me to continue work on next converts.

I'm waiting for comments, opinions, ratings and tips ;)
PL: Czekam na komentarze, opinie, oceny i wskazówki ;)

Next model: Daewoo Leganza US 2001 (ready)

>>> 2015 © Lazlow555, darewnoo <<
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