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  • Gtav76

    @M8T This file is not observed by North_Yankton_Jewelry.ini

    1 hour ago
  • Gtav76

    I barely figured out what to what thanks works,
    only the ped is out of place there from him there is little show-off,
    he only interferes.

    2 hours ago
  • Gtav76

    [DEBUG] Loading assembly The Mexican Robbery.dll ...
    [WARNING] Unable to resolve API version 2.11.5.
    Script for this version 1.0.2699 ???

    And I have this, in short it does not load
    1.0.2612.1 on Social Club
    resolved to API 2.11.3.

    4 hours ago
  • Gtav76

    @M8T Ну хоть карта теперь есть NORTHYANKTON по снегу гулять можно спасибки.
    Well, at least the map now has NORTHYANKTON, you can walk in the snow thanks.

    5 hours ago
  • Gtav76

    @Redragoon это издержки бесплатных скриптов не берите в голову хаха, в моей игре их 15 стояло на всю дорогу это из за казино, долбаните его машиной чтоб он отлетел в сторону и будет вам движение, я тоже просил исправить да воз и ныне там он видно занят чем то более важным.

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  • Gtav76

    @M8T Thank you, I understood then that I went into the buildings
    by the marker and then I won’t wash the door,
    well, where 3 peds are closed tightly and my ped that he came
    in with me and doesn’t do anything and it’s written in the game
    that it is necessary to threaten, and threatened and I shot at the doors,
    but I couldn't get in.
    Am I doing something wrong?

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  • Gtav76

    Will it work without this OpenIV?

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  • Gtav76

    avivr Have you tried to do it with the interior just for fashion?
    As for me, I do not use it Open All interiors it is old and kills a lot of things on the map
    with regards to roads and fences, too, but still Thank you for your work!

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  • Gtav76


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  • Gtav76

    @avivr I said thanks, the mod works without jambs!

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