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    @hamzademr16 ölmüşlerinin kefenini sikerim

    मई 05, 2020
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    @cls31219 Place these files

    into /update/x64/dlcpacks/mppatchesng/dlc.rpf/x64/models/cdimages/mppatches.rpf/ig_tracydisanto with OpenIV.

    tracynude.xml goes to menyoo outfits.

    If that didn't work install with addon peds method. --> gta5-mods.com/scripts/addonpeds-asi-pedselector

    अप्रैल 26, 2020
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    Very inspiring. I want Istanbul in this game but i have questions about your mod.
    Can you walk on that map? Do you need to add collision for that?

    अप्रैल 20, 2020
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    @Ze Lacerda There is no way to to connect them more that this version. I have even tried connecting uppr and lowr vertex by vertex.

    अप्रैल 20, 2020
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    @covenwave place xml file into menyoo outfits. it gives you nude parts. if override doesn't work, install it with addonpeds. i have reinstalled my gta last week and installed my mod now. it works.

    अप्रैल 09, 2020
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    @RichardJordan Yeah, it affects normal torsos because edited head model for proper connection with new nude torso. Normal head contains bit of torso. I had to delete it. And yes it is a minor issue, but for you :S. I need to edit all torsos. Connect nude torso with normal torso and unwrap uw etc.
    @Julia82 I tried all things. I mean ALL things to seamlessly connect torso and lower. But it didn't work. Sometimes it worked but got bad results. I thing it has something with skeleton. Unfortunately i don't know how to edit ped skeletons. Maybe it will fixed but for now I can't fix that.
    @MAK Moderator she got da pusi my b0ss.
    @Maher28 Not for now, sorry. May add another tattoos. Not dragon tattoo. I mean i already borrowed a mod from someone.

    मार्च 26, 2020
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    @IAmJFry At first it didn't work. I thought scripthook v .net v2 caused that and I was right. I was using v2 for some mods. v3 doesn't compatible with some mods you know.
    this mod is lit. It works even in Rockstar Editor. I tested it. Works without any flaw.
    Anyway, you should update your mod requirements in description (scripthook v .net v3). There is no issue other than that.

    मार्च 26, 2020
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    I love you man. @IAmJFry

    मार्च 26, 2020
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    @Ze-Krush It is a kind of fetish.
    @Unsearchably No?

    मार्च 07, 2020
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    @DoctorMike Good mod. Can you tell how to make facial animations and rigging in zmodeler or 3dsmax? Is it too hard?

    फरवरी 29, 2020