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    it shows error when cop approaches the vehicle? ive updated the lemonui have scripthookv still it wont resolve??

    सितंबर 21, 2022
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    idea is good but there's no fatigue bar (or atleast it doesnt show even when fatigue is 1 in ini file) . my player just randomly dies

    जुलाई 28, 2022
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    it does not show me the zee contact. even reloading doesn't do shit. all it shows at the bottom of my contact list is vlad(I have the vlads export jobs mod installed) is the vlads mod conflicting with it or something?also whenever I reload it shows me ls life lsaa_xml not found but the file is clearly in the scripts folder I I've double checked it. also my eai script is also not working same problem as this one. any help ?

    फरवरी 01, 2022
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    can you please mention somewhere how to install it? do i put naudio and newtonsoft.json in scripts too? do i only put xml and dll file or do i have to put dbb too?

    अक्टूबर 20, 2021
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    works. but i am gliding and also not able to move properly and sometimes it even launches me into the air can you help with this? why does this happen

    जून 09, 2021