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    You can find info in this thread:
    Here is the 'dlcsmuggler_sounds.dat54.rel.xml' from the last post in that thread, but converted from '.rel.xml' back to '.rel' (drag & drop in OpenIV & use it to replace the original. Make backup first, just in case):

    मई 02, 2022
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    301 vehicles total. That would only take ~25mins work (at 5 secs per rename) to rename at most (or use TextPad etc & do an incremental rename (rename to gtaiv1, gtaiv2...etc) using wildcards to do it in seconds). Either way will stop the sounds being applied to vanilla vehicles.
    Next, do like I said & track from the vehicle name to the '<Engine>' line hash to '<ExhaustHigh>' hash etc (any EngineLow/EngineHigh/ExhaustLow/ExhaustHigh hash will do) & then into 'ivvehsfx_sounds.dat54.rel.xml' to find what audio file is used ('ep1_pickup_1', 'ep2_muscle_car' etc) & then track back & rename them that way.
    Alternatively, & even quicker, just start in the 'ivvehsfx_sounds.dat54.rel.xml' file & use a hash from the '<Name>' line in a '<Item type="SimpleSound">' section (141 total) of each different vehicle sound ('ep2_599_supercar', 'ep2_gt_supercar' etc) (19 total) to track back into the 'ivvehsfx_game.dat151.rel.xml' & find & rename (incrementally/differently etc) all vehicles that use it.

    फरवरी 28, 2022
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    Awesome work. Nice approach removing the '<EngineGranular' parts. I never noticed/thought about investigating engine sounds in that way. Good job :)

    You can do that dead easily yourself. Just export the 'ivvehsfx_game.dat151.rel' to XML using CodeWalker & then edit the '<Name>' line in each '<Item type="Vehicle"' section to anything else. Name them 'gtaiv1', 'gtaiv2', 'gtaiv3'... etc if you want (easiest way). Any non-vanilla vehicle names will do (they all need to be different obvs).
    Alternatively, track using the '<Engine>' line hash to '<ExhaustHigh>' hash etc & then to 'ivvehsfx_sounds.dat54.rel' to find what audio is used & name them ordered that way instead etc. Whatever you name them, you can then use those names in any vehicle's 'vehicles.meta' '<audioNameHash>' line.

    फरवरी 28, 2022
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    If it's the blue horizontal flare (animorphic flare) you are talking about, make the 'flare_animorphic' texture in 'graphics.ytd' completely black to remove them.

    जनवरी 26, 2022
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    Looking for the same rear lights as on the Challenger in pic#3 (dark one, on right).
    Is that a different car? (rear lights don't look exactly like that on this one etc). Thanks

    जनवरी 05, 2022
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    Codewalker v.29 is nearly 4 years out of date (& no longer updated here).
    Download latest up-to-date version from the Codewalker Discord Server here:
    Or if you already have Discord, login here:
    Join &/or login & the download will be in the '#releases' section.

    जनवरी 01, 2022
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    Nah, I've never used ZM3. Here's Yoho's tutorial on doing it tho:

    सितंबर 29, 2021
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    Yeah, I think it can only be fixed in ZModeler3.

    सितंबर 29, 2021
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    For some of the vanilla cars (~347 according to description) you need to have this mod installed:
    It doesn't support all vanilla cars (hasn't been updated since July 28, 2016).

    For community built vehicles, only these ones support wipers:

    सितंबर 28, 2021
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    As a test, replace STONE_10 in 'vehicles.awc' with this silent version:

    Right-click 'vehicles.awc' > 'Export to openformats (.oac) > replace 'STONE_10' in 'vehicles' folder > drag & drop 'vehicles.oac' back into OpenIV over the original 'vehicles.awc'.

    If it still makes a noise, the game must be getting the sound from another location:

    OpenIV > Ctrl+F3 > 'Search in:' mods folder only (top dropdown menu) > 'Search for:' 'Audio tracks' (in bottom dropdown menu) > Search for 'STONE_10' & see what you find? Replace all 'STONE_10' files you find with the silent one.

    Let me know how you get on with that. You can always reply in this thread:
    Generally, communication is better in forum, can post pics etc, but either is cool.

    अप्रैल 27, 2021