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  • Trevor3

    this is the mos frustrating modding experience ive ever had :/. i installed this exactly word for word how its instructed. when i load the game the menu opens up no problem but once i select the first option to spawn the truck and trailer the menu disappears and no truck or trailer appears. i also cannot open the menu again. when i open the .INI file that came with it the [VEHCOORDS] is blank beneath it. ive been all over the internet to try and find solutions to the 1mil+ issues every single mod seems to bring so leaving a comment here is my very last resort

    सितंबर 25, 2023
  • Trevor3

    @morg4ngill68 when you say "constant" do you mean that the car(and franklin) act as if they are still inside the garage? if so i have the same issue and curious if you found a solution. i can enter the shop (i cant move the camera once inside) i can apply modifications, and then exit. once i exit i cant do anything. the game is frozen without being "frozen" resulting in having to force close the game. if you find a colution please come back to these comments and let me know what you did. Thanks in advance.

    सितंबर 24, 2023