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    When China Motors Manufacturing meets Norinco... FUN!!!

    Gotta try this to roleplay as The Evil Dicktator of The State Of San Andreas hahaha

    फरवरी 19, 2023
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    @TurboMatt Motorsport Don't mention it ;-) It's really nice to see more mundane cars instead of a shit ton of supercars repeated to infinity.

    I didn't notice the air suspension effect, good to know. As for the exhaust, I'll stay tuned for a good 'ol fartcan haha. I did notice the small camber in the front suspension, nice touch.

    फरवरी 05, 2023
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    Nice model, and nice mod overall, but has a couple bugs:

    -Although handling is pretty nice, it's RWD. I switched it to FWD without touching anything else, and behaves like the real Uno Turbo... Quite some understeering hehe. That's the only change it needs, everything else is perfect IMHO

    -The model looks better in-game than in the previews (Pretty nice), but I've found that the exhaust option makes smoke dissappear and the exhaust model itself doesn't change. Unless I've messed something during installation, of course...

    -Steering angle is good when you're moving, but it decreases dramatically when stopped, may be a conflict with manual transmission mod, but it only happened to me with this car... As soon as you move returns to normal.

    -Headlights don't illuminate anything at night, they turn on in the model but nothing gets illuminated by them. Making dials emissive would be a nice touch too.

    It's a good mod overall, just needs a bit of tweaking here and there, but it's nice to see someone making old school euro hatches ;-)

    फरवरी 05, 2023
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    Very appropiate for people with slow PC's (Such as me haha)

    जनवरी 12, 2023
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    I tried this today and I really enjoyed it although:

    Needs more places to sell the fish... Fishing in Raton Canyon and having to cross the entire state to sell it in Del Perro is a pain in the ass. A market in Paleto, Grapeseed or Sandy Shores would do the job.

    A cooler to store the fish would be nice... I understand it may be a little tricky to "grab" it by the character, but can be attached to a vehicle instead (Quad, maybe? Or in a boat if you fish offshore)

    दिसंबर 26, 2022
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    @JohnCarter1 Yobbo... Maniac...

    Oh there's a chance here!

    अक्टूबर 28, 2022
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    Altough I like the looks, I've never had a liking for this model IRL (Repaired a couple roof-related issues as well as quite some electric failures, one of them even threatened to set the car on fire!), but seeing this mod, and the work put on it, I'm starting to see it with better eyes ;)

    Nice work!

    अक्टूबर 28, 2022
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    @RALLYE It exists. But it's called Reliant Kitten.

    (Anybody kind enough to add the fourth wheel and making it into a lore-friendly Kitten? I would, but my 3D modelling skills really sucks :( )

    अक्टूबर 09, 2022
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    Nice reference for "Les Chevaliers Du Cel" in the pic ;-)

    अगस्त 21, 2022
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    Cool!! I always liked this car!

    Now we need the Suzuki Cappuccino and the Honda beat to make the kei car's ABC ;)

    जून 14, 2022