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  • 6fe986 pigz

    @DeXtRo13 No idea. Don't think so.

    जुलाई 01, 2022
  • 6fe986 pigz

    Can someone tell me the name of the scores that are played?

    जून 15, 2022
  • 6fe986 pigz

    So I was looking into the WoV compatibility patch and from what I observed the vehicle.meta files are not at all closely related to WoV. If anything they are very outdated/using a different meta (perhaps the vanilla?) because many vehicle names in WoV were replaced with different ones by Drive V's patch, and there is missing content such as PEDs spawning in said vehicles, newer vehicle addons, etc. This was done by comparing the two metas (Drive V vs WoV) using Notepad ++.

    जून 12, 2022
  • 6fe986 pigz

    This was a huge pain in the ass to do. It took days to complete. Lots of frustration and testing. But I managed to UPDATE this GREAT mod to work with the most recent version of WoV (#6) and GTA v1.0.2628.2. Changelog included in the installer message in OpenIV.

    Updated for GTA V v1.0.2628.2
    World of Variety #6 thanks to @worldofpaywalls

    जून 11, 2022
  • 6fe986 pigz

    Request: TAR-21/CTAR-21 for Advanced Rifle. Your weapon textures are not only some of the best and my favorites, but the few that actually work properly without problems.

    जून 10, 2022
  • 6fe986 pigz

    For those wondering, no this is not totally compatible with WoV. Be warned. Things may appear broken like the aircraft carrier or submarine scenario where half the PEDs are random civilians, while some may be soldiers from Fort Zancudo or police officers. Also some PEDs won't spawn where they are supposed to be/don't appear at all. Other things worth mentioning are that some vehicle liveries and diversity may not appear with these two mods (like the different blimps) to more rare or unique vehicles on the road (I have seen an increase in sports/super cars perhaps, but nothing amazing). The update.rpf part of VEDGA is what causes WoV to break, overwriting most of the files in that bundle that are essential to WoV functioning as intended.

    Hopefully the mod author continues to improve upon his work and perhaps include more content that we wouldn't be missing out on without WoV, which is behind a retarded paywall. As of right now, pick: Do you want the best wanted/dispatch/enemies mod or do you want to diversify your game with additional content, making the world more lively?

    जून 07, 2022
  • 6fe986 pigz

    Anyone try this with VEDGA yet?

    जून 05, 2022
  • 6fe986 pigz

    NativeUI is outdated and causes a heavy performance hit. This should be switched to LemonUI.

    जून 05, 2022
  • 6fe986 pigz

    Everything seems to be working alright with Scenario Groups replacing some of the scenarios.
    This is the best dispatch and vanilla expansion I've ever played. Much better than that garbage world of variety shit behind a pay wall. Thank you for this!!!

    जून 03, 2022
  • 6fe986 pigz

    Wondering if everything will work OK if using Scenario Groups with this mod, knowing that some of the Scenarios will not be the same.

    जून 02, 2022