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    Okay I was wrong this actually does work, I didn't notice I needed to install ScripthookV as well. It's amazing how well it runs now. So yeah confirmed this mod works for Ryzen 5600. I noticed you've said that the issue does not occur on Ryzen 3600, and I've witnessed this as I helped build a PC for someone else that has a 3600, and tested this game, and yep, this issue did not exist.

    I really wish ScripthookV was allowed in GTA Online, R* should make your fix an official part of the game!

    जून 11, 2022
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    Does this work with the Epic Store version of the game or only Steam? Assuming I put the file in the right folder, it didn't seem to do anything unfortunately with the Epic Store version. It's in the "GTAV" folder, and the same location as "GTA5.exe". I've the game installed on a storage SSD, not the main SSD with the operating system, in case that makes any difference to this mod's functionality.

    I've been having the GTA5 night performance issue. My PC is almost the same as a family member who doesn't have the issue, only differences are RAM being a different brand, CPU being Ryzen 3600 and motherboard being MSI Gaming Plus Max.

    I've the non-Max version of the same mobo and was using a Ryzen 2700x, both of us had RX 580 8GB VRAM and 16GB RAM. I've since upgraded to a Ryzen 5600 with an RX 6600 XT, but the issue persists. I get drops as low as 50 fps at night but if I turn around I'll get something like 110 to 180+ fps depending on settings and location.

    I wouldn't mind beta testing your new script for this mod btw.

    जून 11, 2022