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    Mate you have done a great job with this car and the poly count is low so big thumbs up! I have noticed some small issues and would like to give you some feedback. All lights work fine but the right side reversing light. All windows are breakable but the back window looks to be missing till you put tint on it and when you shoot the back window you can see gaps all around the edges. The wide body kit on the car makes the tyres look like cheeses cutter due to the tyres are set to far inside the guards and are not changeable to wider rims when placing the body kit on and throws the whole look of the car off, maybe you could have just made a wide body kit version with rims and tyres to suit as we see in your photos. I would liked to have seen the liveries in the mod menu and not in extras so mechanics can change these for customers in RP server. Over all nice work and I hope this feedback is positive for you to make some changes to make this an amazing vehicle for all!

    सितंबर 11, 2021
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    What an amazing car you have created, I am an all time old school classic lover and would love to more of these cars with loads of modes for my server. I have tested your car out and would like to provide you with some feed back: The window don't smash/break, gages are not working, would be good if you could change the color of the flares with the secondary color with the bonnet, would be really nice to see some other mods you could change like to different engines and with bowers, different bonnets, exhausts, interior, options with and without flares, drop tank and so I. As a server owner I am always on the look out for custom unique car and employing people to create one off cars for us. Over all fantastic job mate!

    मई 14, 2021