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    one of the models is very buggy for me, and even the not buggy one, when going to the private room on the club, the models does not apply and the game use the defaults instead

    दिसंबर 26, 2022
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    @Alyxiate hey, can you help me understand what the spawning areas mean, for example which place on the map is the los santos spawning area, is it the whole city? is blaine county just paleto bay or is it the whole highway part of the map? i appreciate if you can help me understand those areas

    दिसंबर 23, 2022
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    this mod has no sound for me and I don't know why, I installed it as it should be but my motocycle is just totally silent. At the same time I'm using this same kind of mod for other vehicles with same installation process and they all work fine

    दिसंबर 21, 2022