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    Thank you for your answer!

    Do you happen to know how to edit using meta?

    नवंबर 27, 2019
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    @SkylineGTRFreak Author

    HI ! SKY

    First of all, I'm sorry because it's not related to the posts you've.
    Please understand that I tried to chat with you but you didn't read it so I'll stay here.
    I'm using the F-16 DEMO UNAMED file you uploaded well. However, the first time the plane is summoned, three fuel tanks come out.
    I want to remove this fuel tank when I summon it for the first
    Remove and use this tank each time using a trainer.
    Can you disable the fuel tank at all using Vehicle.meta?

    नवंबर 19, 2019
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    @nsh3t Hi! I want to learn how to convert characters into GTA5. Can you show me if you have any information I can refer to? Please.

    सितंबर 02, 2019