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    yes, excellent!

    I thought of Tarantino and just now i saw you writing his name here...great!

    अप्रैल 25, 2022
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    Great Work!

    अप्रैल 11, 2022
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    BEST one at the moment! Keep up the great work!

    मार्च 26, 2022
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    Hi Nivinha, thank you for your work, this mod is very nice!

    I think i already asked you this (some time ago...), but is it possible that blood textures are shown/applicable on the bodies/clothes of your peds?

    Would be really great and cool/more realistic. Also, if you don't wanna do this, do you know what i could do myself to enable this feature? Unfortunately i'm not that fit in programming and modelling (via Blende etc...)

    Thank you in advance!

    फरवरी 25, 2022
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    Really great work, no doubt, thank you for your time and effort!

    Is there a way to make your models also show blood-decals/damage?
    Are you planning to add this feature in the future?

    Best regards and happy new year!

    जनवरी 06, 2021
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    Hi Nivinha, thank you and congrats for your work, this mod is really great! and even has still some potential!

    Is it just me or is it possible that blood stains are not shown/applicable on your bodies/clothes (ydd's/ydt's...?)

    Would be cool if you could enlighten me about that!

    Thank you!

    मार्च 28, 2020