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    @elsanhoty Sorry to hear that. It's very difficult for me to track this kind of issue because the mod works perfectly fine for me. I've successfully tested this mod on 2 different PCs with two very different specs without any crashes.
    If you think it's the traffic that's causing the crashes, you can try removing the file "nodes495.ynd" in dlc.rpf\x64\levels\gta5\paths.rpf

    मई 22, 2021
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    Thanks for the feedback and ideas everybody! I have a lot of ideas in mind on how to improve this mod. But it's going to take time to implement these new ideas. Currently I'm fixing some issues there are in the 1.0.0 version.

    मई 13, 2021
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    @elsanhoty I'm aware of this and working on a fix.

    मई 13, 2021
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    @Dock-6 Haha :D Nice to see someone actually noticed it

    मई 11, 2021
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    To uninstall this mod:
    Simply remove the line: <Item>dlcpacks:/jtower/</Item> from the dlclist.xml text file.
    Then the game wont load this mod and it should not affect your GTA 5 or your other mods in any way.

    To also get rid of the actual mod files from taking space from your hard drive, you simply remove the jtower folder from: Mods\update\x64\dlcpacks

    So basically to uninstall this mod you can follow the install instructions but do the opposite.

    मई 11, 2021
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    Yeah, I tried to create water via ybn but I could not get it to work. So I made a custom water.xml file.
    It was a pain in the *** to place those water quads :D
    And for some reason the custom water.xml made the Land Act Reservoir water disappear. The water physically still was there but it was invisible. So I made a custom water plane object and placed it on the lake to make it look like the water was still there.

    I also wanted to create navmesh and add ped scenarios on top of the building. But I could not find proper tools to make a navmesh and so I guess because of not having a navmesh the ped scenarios didn't work either.

    The car elevator is a cool idea! My first idea was to use ycd animations to make an elevator that actually moves up and down. But after doing some quick research I think ycd only allows object rotation animations. So that's not going to work.

    The teleport method sounds good and simple. But I have no idea how to actually implement it. That requires doing some .ASI scripts right? My knowledge of GTA 5 scripting is veeeery limited :P
    Of course I could use Menyoo files to add teleport points, but I want to keep the installation of this mod as simple as possible.

    Thank you for featuring my mod!

    मई 10, 2021
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    Thank you very much for your comments everybody!

    Is it actually possible to make a working car elevator mod?
    If it is possible and not too difficult to make, I need to consider adding that later.

    Thanks! Yeah those black boxes sometimes appear because I used water.xml to add water on the pool.
    It's not the best method to add pool water but I wasn't able to get the other method to work.
    I'll try to fix this in the future.

    Yeah, I know it isn't the prettiest building :D
    I put more effort on adding cool features than make it look good.

    मई 10, 2021
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    @sjaak327 Thank you again for the good and quick update!

    दिसंबर 19, 2020
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    @sjaak327 "-Changed the no cars function, I just remove all cars now.

    Ah.. that explains why I have had issues with Simple Trainer lately. I think the "new" No Cars -function is bad in many cases. For example: sometimes I like to spawn a lot of cars to compare them and have empty streets but it's not possible anymore because the No Cars -function keeps deleting the cars that I have spawned.
    The "new" No Cars -function could be good in some cases but I would also like to keep the "old" No Cars -function.
    Maybe they could be separate functions in the future update?

    अप्रैल 25, 2020
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    Yeah I know, but I have a lot of problems with that mod :/
    Thanks anyway :)

    जून 02, 2019