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  • Simeon

    @AG_MODS well I got some good news and bad news that may or may not grind your gears...

    Good news is, you got all the artifacts... Bad news is upon removing one of the 'excess' trailer braces or whatever you want to call them, its made some holes beneath the 'flatbed' section towards the end where it meets the 'cab' section of the truck. I had this same issue when I was making a tanker based mod myself...

    And... the carvariations for the Zancudo truck is applied to the regular truck and vice versa. Might need to fix that for those who don't know how to do it themselves.

    जुलाई 06, 2020
  • Simeon

    I couldn't figure out how to use Discord (I never used it before)
    (NOTE- I noticed 3 geometry artifacts, though I provided a few angles to help you pinpoint their locations- I'm unsure if there are any more)

    जुलाई 03, 2020
  • Simeon

    Incredible job dude I actually thought you'd leave it as is (lots of people don't take pride in their work or give a crap about bugs) and you added badges too? Nice... Well it seems the truck is now on par with the rest of the in-game trucks now, great work!

    However I noticed my comment didn't come up yesterday... Around the lower edges of the tanker (I assume you've been slicing the tanker trailer to fit on your flatbed?) there are triangle chunks of the old model floating around the edges.

    Before you even remove those, I'm just gonna drop a 5* not just for the brilliant and unique lore friendly mod, but because you actually take pride in your work and bring your vehicles on par with if not better than R*

    Like above, a fire dept. version would be sweet... Heck even a Zancudo variant like the tanker trailer...

    जुलाई 02, 2020
  • Simeon

    I love this truck however I think you'll need to fix these things for a 2.0 update:
    a) the side doors open and fly off the truck body
    b) the passenger seat node is missing, also as a result, you cannot use the passenger door either
    c) the bottom small windows on the doors don't break as they do on the regular MTL trucks
    d) you left out the 'vehicle make name' in the vehicles.meta, the truck is MTL branded

    जुलाई 01, 2020
  • Simeon

    @IlayArye I think the bodywork could use a little 'touch up'
    1) the rear door's left inner bumps are deformed
    2) the rear right wheel arch has a zigzag like slice through it
    3) the top front corners of the body where it meets with the hood (around the headlights) looks a little mangled
    4) the actual vehicle body isn't attached the chassis (you can see right through the edges underneath)
    5) the rear window doesn't behave normally

    Side note- I'm surprised there is no trailer support on this vehicle, other than that, still a nice car

    जुलाई 01, 2020
  • Simeon

    What's a "wintour templtae sorry" ?

    5* for sexiness and bonus points for basic working features.

    जून 26, 2020
  • Simeon

    NO! TRAVESTY! I take back my 5* rating!!! You didn't put green in the car variations!!!

    ...Jokes... I added it myself...

    Bonus points for having working windows...

    जून 25, 2020
  • Simeon

    I haven't even downloaded this yet but I'm going to give it 5* because this is the most sexiest Aussie machine AND... Best damn looking MODERN NON-EXOTIC HYPER CAR mod I've ever seen.

    जून 24, 2020
  • Simeon

    a) rear window doesn't break (the new side windows don't shatter properly? shards or whatever the term is everyone uses)
    b) there's an artifact on the front left side of the stock bumper (or lump or hole)
    c) there are duplicate spoilers and one with no name

    Otherwise nice take on a wagon version.

    I'd like to see a Fugitive Wagon. (Why has nobody thought of this yet?)

    मई 23, 2020
  • Simeon


    I love this car but these RHD cars are very buggy. Much like the chevel cars (Holdens) when the door or windows are damaged sometimes the character refuses to enter and you have to walk right up to the driver door just to get in.

    Also, if this car ever has its model improved I suggest it is made slightly wider so your body stops clipping through the doors.

    मई 22, 2020