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    @MicJoy i'm on it, still not ready because i dont got much time in the last days/weeks :)

    सितंबर 13, 2021
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    Oh Ooops. Sorry i thought i've rated it :D

    a lot of work at the time, sorry

    सितंबर 12, 2021
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    Is it okay if i'll make a copy of the Red Light District for Menyoo?

    There are a lot of objects which doesnt work with Menyoo like they should.
    I've copied the objects for now and i have to replace the peds.

    Maybe i'll do more versions:

    Less light, less peds. For some people its better.

    Of course, I'll say in the post that it's a Menyoo copy of your mod.

    Good work!

    Best regards Firlefranz

    Screenshots with Menyoo without peds:


    अगस्त 30, 2021