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  • 45f1e7 twitavanewtransparent

    Eyyy nice work with the newest update! My goodness it must have taken a lot of work, and it's much appreciated. 😄

    अक्टूबर 17, 2021
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    While this is a great start of a full fledged trainer, there is several things to work out. First thing I noticed is the wardrobe function doesn't have a texture cycle option. Say there's a t-shirt that normally has 10 colors, well, without a texture cycle option you get option 1 of 10 and that's it. Second issue, headlights and tail lights of more than half of the vehicles I spawned *after loading them through xml* files (after saving the xml through Rampage) did not work at all. I didn't try every vehicle, but I did try a few dozen. Thirdly, Character Stat adjustments do not seem to work (on Michael, Trevor, or Franklin). Fourthly, "Infinite Ammo" seems to do the exact same thing as "Infinite Clip". Fifth and final issue I had, when deleting spawned objects, some don't actually get deleted, they instead fall through the ground only to re-appear shortly after as the game tries to recover the object from the void. This could just be how the objects behave natively though, it may have nothing to do with the Trainer.

    Other than those issues, this is a great trainer, and I do enjoy the feel of it. The menus make sense, the smooth scrolling is a great touch, and it has all of the standard functions of a trainer. I know this gets compared to Menyoo a lot, but if I may make a suggestion, Menyoo has a weapon loadout feature which would be nice to see here as well. Not pressing, just a suggestion. Teleport, weather, time, vehicle spawning and customization, and weapon spawning and attachments are all present. The trainer can and does block the despawning of DLC vehicles, and the Spooner has a save/load function which is nice. But keep in mind Rampage can not load Spooner xml's made in Menyoo sadly... But overall, really cool trainer.

    अगस्त 09, 2021
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    @IDarthVaderX1 Yeah, it'd be cool if it could be changed, but sadly it can not. There isn't enough space for the character to be seated any differently. Either the player character clips through the seat, the steering wheel, or the roof if changed, and even if that wasn't the case, it would require redoing ALL driving animations in the game. I don't think I've even seen anyone make animations overhauls for this game so I don't even know if it's possible to do to begin with.

    जुलाई 06, 2021
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    टिकी टिप्पणी

    Wow, this hit 100 DL's! I'm honestly surprised, but I'm very happy to see that I was able to make something useful for you all. Thank you all so much for the kind words, the likes and the ratings. ♥

    जुलाई 06, 2021
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    @ikt Thank you! :)

    जून 28, 2021
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    @69thMrMeeseeks This trainer has not been updated to most recent version yet. (it was updated to include the new cars, but the game updated again shortly after) Try running this mod in conjunction with another mod like Enhance Native Trainer to avoid DLC cars despawning.

    @punkddude I'm not on Dev team, but I'm assuming your issue is the same as my old laptops where the f keys default function is actually PC controls and not the assigned function keys. If this is the case, you need to hold the "fn" key, or "function" key, then press f8. Also, make sure none of the in-game controls conflict with the f8 key. This key is usually on the lower left or right side of the keyboard, usually next to the windows key (some call it the "start" key).

    @VanitasDarkOne Idk anything about updating the mod ourselves, or if that's even allowed on this site. But what I do know is Mafins usually updates their mods eventually, they're just very busy with IRL stuff. I'm sure they'd appreciate the patience and understanding :)

    If you still want to look into updating the mod, perhaps taking a look at the github entry in the pinned comment would yield better results. There's usually more tech and code savvy individuals there who might be able to answer questions. If not, there's prolly a reddit for modding GTAV that might be able to help as there seems to be a sub-reddit for everything these days. I would suggest just waiting however, as an update will prolly come out before we could figure out how the mod works and get it updated, but that's just my opinion.

    अक्टूबर 07, 2020
  • 45f1e7 twitavanewtransparent

    This mod is fantastic. Also helps bypass a lot of the limitations R* puts in editor, which is already worth 5-stars. Menyoo and SHVDN are acting funny as of the most recent update, so I am on an older version already. So I haven't used this on the most recent update. But I'm sure when SHVDN updates, it'll work perfectly again. Cheers for this, I know modding can be a thankless task and a take an obscene amount of time and effort, so thank you for that!

    अक्टूबर 01, 2020
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    This mod now crashes after latest Sept update, due to compatibility errors, when switching MP models. The crash is hit or miss, but still very frequent. Error and ID flag changes each time, but the crash only happens when switching MP models (in my experience). This occurs on most recent GTA V, Script Hook V, and Menyoo (1.4.0) versions. Unfortunately, the crash will persist frequently until Menyoo is updated again. At which point, Rockstar will probably update AGAIN and destroy it all anyways :\

    My fix has simply been to revert to an older version of GTA V, if you have one backed up (which you should be in the practice of from now on if you aren't already, trust me R* breaks crap AlL tHe TiMe) and play on that version instead. OR, simply be very persistent when it does crash, since, in my experience, it doesn't happen every time. When it crashes, just relaunch and try again. It won't break anything in the game further or harm your system in any way, for those concerned. Hoping this gets an update soon though.

    सितंबर 30, 2020
  • 45f1e7 twitavanewtransparent

    Dang... This is a really big and cool pack. This must have taken a lot of sleepless nights (ㆆ_ㆆ) Thanks for the pack, it's really cool! (͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖)👌

    जनवरी 26, 2020
  • 45f1e7 twitavanewtransparent

    Cool, always happy to help

    जनवरी 08, 2020