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    @FikoModder then how did you edited these gfx files?

    जुलाई 18, 2023
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    Important info for people who have game provided thru R* Launcher - due to downgrade + this bypassing launcher and not starting launcher, you will get popup saying that you are disconnected from Launcher and you can only quit game. What you need is to make text file 'commandline.txt' in your GTA root folder and inside of this text file write '-scOfflineOnly' without quote marks. That will fix it and allow you use this amazing tool on Launcher version.

    अप्रैल 23, 2023
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    @Reyser oh thats why, I was using DMCA report from footer of the website sorry. It's not about this one but different one from him, I reported it now the way you mentioned.

    दिसंबर 22, 2022
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    @Reyser I made new report right now thru your DMCA formular. Let me know if you received it or I should send you report somewhere else.

    दिसंबर 21, 2022
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    @Reyser thank you for your response. I did fill report few days ago for that files so I will wait for your reply to the report.

    दिसंबर 21, 2022
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    @Nik The Greek what you want to say when Cryhd (one of AdnrStudio main developers) asked you over a year ago before LA Revo 2.0 started if he can use your textures as base of some areas and you approved it to him?
    All models in the archive you stole was made by us, by cryhd as well as textures and code, these are not vanilla textures nor models, we have custom models so yes these models are our property as its not original game models.
    If charging mods would be illegal R* would ban every Patreon creator same way as they banned creators that harmed users or FiveM servers that didnt follow their rules = no its not illegal to ask for support in exchange for early access to unfinished mods.
    So thats what admins think? That there are no copyrights between modders? @Reyser
    Because if we use mods of other authors in our project, which yes we use together with our own creations, we always ask for permission of creator to use their files in our project because they did create it and they put a time and effort into it and some of them want their files be exclusive only where they upload it and dont like it to be shared on other place even with credits. Some are happy for being part of it and some give us even unlocked models and permissions to editing or even sell us exclusive mods with full rights to do whatever we want with it. And I think that is respectful to the creator, to his/her time and effort he/she did put into the work, to ask if the person is ok with resharing his work even if its free to download content, but you didnt ask and reshared paid work that is provided only as early access.

    दिसंबर 20, 2022
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    @Nik The Greek sure textures from LA Revo sucks, thats why you stealing and copy pasting 100% original files from LA Revo 2.0 right?

    दिसंबर 16, 2022
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    @EVOGTA do you know about any model of F150 that is unlocked and author allow edits and reupload? if yes let me know and I will take a look at it

    नवंबर 10, 2022
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    @Ctx_- oldschool classics from 80s-90s

    अगस्त 23, 2022
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    @Zen-Imogen and what about paid requests for converting models into gta5? got unique .fbx bikes models straight from their author and we would like to convert them for gta5, nobody ever did bikes like that ones yet (:

    अगस्त 15, 2022