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Watch Your Death 3.5.2


Watch Your Death removes the "Wasted" screen and allows you to watch your death then revive yourself afterwards.

- If using models/skins other than one of the main characters, use Character Swap to keep your model from resetting.
- This mod does not work with missions. When you die or fail the mission, the game handles it like it should. (Should be able to revive like normal with V3.5.2)
- This mod is not meant to be used through a serious playthrough. All it does is removes the "Wasted" screen and allows you to revive in place. That's it.

Bug Reporting or Requests:
If you have any bugs or requests, I'll be able to respond faster at:
E-Mail - IAmJFry@gmail.com
Discord - IAmJFry#0097

- Requirements for Script Hook V and ScriptHookVDotNet
- Script Hook V
- ScriptHookVDotNet V2.10.12

Controls For Keyboard:
L - Revive character in place
O - Respawn character at hospital
K - Kills player (If "Kill Key On? (True or False)" is set to true in .ini)

Controls For Controller:
LB - Revive character in place
RB - Respawn character at hospital

- Copy "Watch Your Death.dll" to your "GTA V\Scripts\" folder
- Copy "WYD.ini" to your "GTA V\Scripts\" folder

- Sound bug should hopefully be fixed
- You can now record using Rockstar Editor
- Director's Mode now works with the mod
- Peds no longer stay aggressive while dead.
- Mod should now work during missions (At least for the missions I tested)
- Fixed bug where weapon wheel may not appear after reviving
- Fixed bug where the kill/suicide animation would no longer play
- Fixed bug causing some enemies to still be aggressive towards the player but just stand still
- Reworked some of the kill/suicide code to fix a few bugs.
- Added a few more gun options to the kill/suicide with (Pretty much all one handed guns should work plus the street sweeper since it's smaller)
- Added Respawn Key Back (O/RB By Default)
- Fixed Respawning After Being Arrested Or Failing A Side Mission (Ex. Parachute Missions)
- Fixed Slow Motion/Screen Effects That Randomly Occurred When Dying
- Added Camera Rotation After Death
- HUD No Longer Disappears When Dying
- Fixed A Bug Where Reviving Caused Nearby Peds To React (Dead Peds Would Jump Into The Air A Little)
- Removed Respawn Key
- Removed Ragdoll Throw (Created Separate Mod For This)
- A Bunch Of The Code Was Rewritten And Anything Conflicting With How The Mod Works Was Removed
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