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Player Zero[.Asi] V1.3++



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Player Zero++ V1.3

Player zero brings all the toxic waste from online sessions and dumps it into story mode...
-Collect bountys.
-Team up with playerz.
-Spawn kill playerz.
-Be spawn killed by playerz.
-ride in playerz vehicles.
-Save friendly players.
-Avoid Mk2 greefers.

To open the menu, hold down on controler and press the run key.
Or hold the 'Z' key on keyboard and press 'left shift key'.


Place PlayerZero++.asi into the 'Grand Theft Auto V' folder.
if you wish to save your settings then save the Generated Folder and contents in your mods folder.

Required Files
--Always check these are up-to-date as they do change.--

All the free DLC's installed...
Script Hook V

This mod uses all the vehicles avalable, these require an uptodate trainer so they don't despawn.
Any of these will work.
Add-On Vehicle Spawner

Known Bugs and Compatibility Issues

- some players just go afk mid session.

- spawn kills (fix by lowering aggression).

Future updates
...Re-Add Mobile contacts system.
...Redo the hacker player.
...Money Drop doesn't function.
Change Log
++ Version 1.3
  • Added Passive mode after death giving you time to escape.
  • Fix the drivers from exiting the vehicles auutomaticly.
  • Added name tags to easly spot players.
  • Added optional freindly fire mode to your followers.
  • Added money bags to troll menu.
  • Added eject player from vehicle to troll menu.
  • Re-organised the menu.
  • Moved All the Outfits to a seperate folder.
  • Few other optimizations.

++ Version 1.2
  • Added Save contacts option.
  • Re Orgainised Menu system for saving contacts.
  • Added a speed up on hold for adjusting values in the menu.
  • Added key binding to the menu.
  • Fix Noitifications to default on.
  • Added auto menu open for a new install.
  • Added the Mk2 Oppressor.
  • Moved the chat system to a seperate tread to prevent flicker.
  • Added a few nationalitys to the chat system.

++ Version 1.1
  • Fix playerz menu crash when opening with no players in sesion.
  • Fix menu toggles to correctly show when on or off.
  • Fix invite only session to not persist when in open.

++ Version 1
  • Convertion of c# scripts into c++.


--Rockstar Games
--Alexander Blade
--FedoraScrub's https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/tank-mech-menyoo(in .net version)
--Everyone else

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