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Planes Hails 0.6


This Mod spawn randomly Aircraft between a radius, which are falling. Just copy the File into "GTA V Directory/scripts". You need my Script Hook V .Net and Script Hook for this Mod. Please enjoy this Mod!

You can download my Scripthook V .Net here:

============[ Keybinds ]============

F6 = Show/Hide Menu
Num8 = Menu Up
Num2 = Menu Down
Num5 = Menu Select

============[ Changelog ]============

====[ 0.6 ]
Now you can play Plane Survivor! It's a Mode where you need to survive Waves of Planes or a fixed time. Thanks to younsou for the great Idea, I will add Music in the next Update. I have also fixed many Problems and I have improved the Menu. You can also select a new spawn Mode, which is more stable. And you can select how many times the Planes will focus you, in Follow Mode.

====[ 0.5 ]
Now you can toggle whether the Planes follow you until they are destroyed.

====[ 0.4 ]
Now you can change the Color and Width of the Menu in the "PlanesHailsConfig.txt"-File. The menu can also be transparent. I have cutted the Code to less than an quarter of the Size before. And you can change the "PlanesHailsConfig.txt"-File while playing and load it with "Load Settings".

====[ 0.34 ]
Now you can save the Options, which was set In-Game and you can change the Crash Radius In-Game. I have also improved the Code, and I have Made the Menu less often flashes than before. I think I have fixed the No-Plane-Spawn Bug, but couldn't fix the Flash Bug. I think the Flash Bug is a Problem with the ScriptHook V Dot Net, because everytime when a Plane apwns the Menu flashes!

====[ 0.33 ]
Now crashes will be logged to "Planes Hails Error.log"-File in your script Folder. You can also change the Radius around the Player, where the Plains should Crash to the Ground and the Time interval between the Spawn of new Planes in the Planaggedon (Don't change it too small or maybe your GTA 5 Crashes). A Full List of Vehicle names is in the Archive, which isn't needed for the Script, but will help you to select in the "Planes.txt"-File in your script Folder the Planes, which should spawn. The first Button change it Text, if you start the Planaggedon to "Stop Planaggedon". I couldn't fix the flashing Problem, but it's better than before!

====[ 0.32 ]
Now you can change the Settings in the PlanesHailsConfig.txt and a new Mode named Planaggedon is added! This Mode spawns randomly Planes as long as you stop it in the Menu. And I hope I have fixed some Crashes, if you spawn too much Planes.

====[ 0.31 ]
Now it works with the latest ScriptHookV and ScriptHookVDotNet.You can change the Radius in the Mod-Menu now. And You can edit the Planes, which should be spawned by editing the Planes.txt File.
A List of Vehicle Hashes is available here:

====[ 0.3 ]
Mod Menu Added! Now you can select how much Planes should be spawned. But Beware! If you select too much Planes the Mod crashes!

====[ 0.2 ]
Bug fixed.

====[ 0.1 ]
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