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Pedestrian Riot 1.1


Place PedestrianRiot.dll and PedestrianRiot.ini and PedestrianRiotWeaponsConfig.cfg into your "scripts" folder. You will need the latest Script Hook V and .NET Script Hook.

Toggle Riot - J (default)

Keys are changeable in the .ini file!

Friend Chance - 45% (default) a pedestrian will help fight alongside you in the riots.

Play Alarm Sound - (Default: True) this plays the army base alarm which makes the riot super bad ass, recommend you keep this on!

PedestrianRiotWeaponsConfig.cfg file - Here you can add/delete weapons that riot pedestrians will be given.

For example, if I only want riot pedestrians to have melee weapons:


Just leave that in the file with NO spaces.

Values are changeable in the .ini file and .cfg file!

I know there is another ped riot mod out there but this is different and less complicated and MORE FUN and will be regularly updated, trust me.

This mod doesn't spawn pedestrians at all or put them into groups, it changes the behaviors of the already spawned ones like the cheat in GTA SA which this was heavily based on. The riot pedestrians will only have one goal: kill or be killed, I have altered their AI behavior so there is a chance they will fight or just flee the scene running over people. They will be given a random weapon and fight you and any one that gets in their way. If you are lucky, some will be friendly and have a blue blip on the minimap and help you fight. Also disabling the riot will INSTANTLY stop all their aggressive behaviors and they will walk away like nothing happened.

- Initial Release

- Fixed crashing.
- Added weapons configuration file so you can pick what weapons the riot pedestrians will be given.
- Added the army base alarm when the riot starts.
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